Lola Pulse Erotic Story Competition Story 10

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Tanya stands in the middle of the bedroom, her arms hoisted over her head and locked in leather cuffs attached to a suspension bar. Wearing nothing but the black blindfold across her eyes, she takes a deep breath, bracing herself for what’s coming.

Smack. The cold electric paddle hits her burning bottom. She barely finches, knowing full well she has to stay still and silent: Julian’s orders. Eighteen down, two to go.

“Thank you, sir. May I have another?” she says, not allowing the pain of the electric current to reach her voice.

Smack. This time he keeps the paddle down for a semi-second longer, intensifying the shock. She moves slightly, biting her lip to stop herself squealing.

“Naughty girl. No moving around. Unless you’d like me to give you a couple extra,” he says.

Julian stops for a moment and stands close behind her, gently rubbing her sore back and bottom in small, circular motions. He kisses her neck slowly and then works his way up to her ear, giving it a playful bite and talking into it softly.

“You’ve done well, my little pet. If you want to stop we can, but I know this hot little ass can take one more, can’t it?” he says.

That deep, sensuous voice; how can she resist?

“Yes, I can, sir,” Tanya replies.

“Good girl,” Julian says, kissing her cheek.

He steps back and gives her one last whack with the electric paddle. She knew it would be hard and it is. She clenches her fists and lets the pain sink in, and as it does, it’s followed by the hot tingle she loves.

Julian puts the paddle down and leans the front of his naked body against Tanya’s back. Bringing his arms around her front, he caresses her clit with one hand, her breast with another. Tanya can feel his enormous hardness behind her and wants nothing more than to shove it into her mouth.

“Has someone learned their lesson?” Julian says.

“Yes, sir,” Tanya says, although she honestly wouldn’t mind a couple of extra whacks.

“Would you like your reward?” says Julian, grabbing his cock and rubbing it slowly into the groove of her backside.

“Yes, sir, please, sir,” Tanya begs.

She’s desperate for it; her drizzling wetness reveals all. But he makes her wait for it just a little longer, teasing her opening with the tip of his dick.

“Very well,” he finally says and begins undoing her handcuffs. Her arms fall free, relieved to be released.

Julian turns her around and grabs her close, launching burning kisses on her lips. He steps back and sits on the edge of the bed, penis fully erect.

“It’s all yours,” he says.

Tanya kneels down slowly, taking in Julian’s piercing blue eyes, golden hair and creamy vanilla skin. Her perfect man.

Having figured out how to give deep throat without gagging, she thrusts every inch of Julian into her mouth.

Julian can feel his oncoming eruption and hoists her onto her feet.

“Get onto the bed, on all fours,” he orders.

He gives Tanya’s bum a good slap as she crawls over the blue silk covers, and then enters her with smooth, rhythmic motions, holding tightly onto her hips.

“That all you’ve got, sir?” Tanya says, daring to challenge him.

She backs herself up on him and he pushes rougher into her, both competing to see who can drum the other the hardest.

“Tell me when you’re going to come,” Julian says.

Tanya’s entire body quivers and her limbs become weak as she feels that sweet, orgasmic ecstasy.

“I’m coming, sir,” she squeals.

Julian smacks her bottom hard. The tenderness of her skin from the electric paddle brings a sharp sting with every slap. The pain only makes the pleasure more intense.

As Julian draws himself out of her, Tanya falls limp onto the duvet cover panting heavily and places her head on the pillow. Julian slides up beside her, putting his arm under her neck and drawing her towards his toned torso. Every inch of him is perfection.

He slowly slides his free hand down her body, stopping at her clit and rubbing her softly. She closes her eyes, taking in every second, breathing in the sweet, musky scent of his cologne and forgetting the soreness in her back. One of the things she loves about Julian, is that even after she’s reached the height of her pleasure, he knows how to keep her going, something her other lovers failed at. Julian knows every inch of her, where to touch, where to stroke, what she wants and what she doesn’t. He aims to please and never fails, so she is more than happy, to please him too.

“I have confidence you won’t be misbehaving again, will you my pet?” says Julian, rubbing harder.

Her body rises and she arches her back, wishing he would stroke her all night.

“No, I won’t, sir,” says Tanya.

“Glad to hear it,” Julian says.

Lola Pulse Erotic Story Competition Story 10
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Lola Pulse Erotic Story Competition Story 10
This story has been submitted by Lola Pulse to the Write an Erotic story competition if you like it and think it should win Comment below and share
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Lola Pulse Erotic Story Competition Story 10

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