Become a Tester

Do you want to be a Sex Toy Testers!

Every month we send a mixture of free sex toys, lubricants and other products out for review to a growing group of testers. You get

a normal day at the orifice

a normal day at the orifice

something free to keep forever and ever, we get an honest review of it – everyone’s a winner!

What do you need to do to be a tester?

1. Create a Account – you need an Account so we know where to post things too.
2. Write reviews of sex toys, lubes, books and lingerie that you already own – you must have some reviews on your account before you will be considered as a tester.
3. Email the testers team – Email [email protected] with your name and your Reviewing name if different

What happens next

If you are chosen to receive a review item from us, you will be sent an email and your product will follow in the post. You should write your review as soon as you’ve given it a good work out and within one month of receiving the item.

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