Khrys Thomas Erotic Story Competition Story 7

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Jose walked in the front door and I had to force the silly grin off my face before he saw me.

“Marie?” he called, dropping his keys on the table.

“I’m in the bedroom.  How was the gym?” I shouted back, my voice cracking a bit.

A minute later, Jose appeared in the doorway to our bedroom pulling his shirt off over his head.

“I thought you were going to meet me there after work,” he said, running his shirt over his wet hair.

There was a moment of hesitation while I enjoyed his physique.  Jose was in his early forties, and we had been married for more than a decade, but the sight of him shirtless still made me pause and sigh appreciatively.

“I had some errands to run this afternoon and I went before work.” I had to try my best to keep a straight face during this little bunch of fibs.  “I completely forgot we were supposed to go to the gym together tonight.”

He gave me a sideways glance and raised an eyebrow.

“You’d better hop in the shower,” I told him, my face flushing.  “We have to leave in a few minutes if we want to make it to the restaurant on time.”

“Oh.  That’s tonight.” Jose sounded positively morose at the idea of spending his birthday night eating dinner with his family.

I had been counting on him focusing on the dreaded dinner so he wouldn’t notice all of the little things I had changed around the house to accommodate my birthday present.

“Yes,” I said, drawing out the word and trying to sound as sympathetic as I could.  “Get going.”

Jose walked toward the master bathroom stripping off his clothes and tossing them into the hamper.  I followed him into the bathroom and turned the shower on for him.  As I bent over slightly to reach the controls for the second set of shower heads, he came up from behind and pressed his naked body against mine.  As soon as hic cock rubbed against my ass, I could feel him growing hard.

“Are you sure we can’t postpone?” he whispered in my ear seductively.

I took a quick breath when his hands reached under my shirt and cupped my breasts, the rough skin on his thumbs scraping against my sensitive nipples.  It was all I could do not to agree, pull him to the floor, and fuck his brains out right there.  I shook my head, both in reply to his question and to clear my head.  I had been planning his birthday present for several weeks and it had cost me a pretty penny.  There was no way I was going to abandon the plan now.

Jose had been feeling down about his approaching birthday and had mentioned that he was getting too old for some of his more risqué fantasies.  We’d had a casual discussion about our respective fantasies and I was surprised to learn that we both found a younger woman attractive and had entertained ideas of including her in a sexual romp.  It was nearly a month ago that I’d approached Ana, my secretary at work, about being part of a naughty birthday present for Jose.  She had been intrigued, but had declined politely because she was married.  After an offer of compensation and a few muttered promises, she was on board for a very fun evening.

Jose stepped into the shower grumbling.  Once I was sure that he was fully engrossed in washing his delicious body, I beckoned to Ana to join us.

Thankfully, when we renovated our house a few years ago, I had all but demanded a fancy upgrade to our shower.  Our walk in shower could comfortably fit five people, boasted a beautiful tiled bench, and had seven removable shower heads that could be used with orgasmic results.

I stepped into the shower and ran my hands down Jose’s back; Ana stepped in behind me.  Jose turned around with a wicked grin on his face and froze when he saw Ana.  She smiled at him and dropped to her knees in front of him.  I grabbed a shower head and began to enjoy myself while I watched the show.

Ana looked like she was enjoying herself immensely as she sucked, licked, and fondled Jose’s cock and balls.  She was taking all of him deep into her throat; an impressive accomplishment since Jose had one of the largest penises I’ve ever seen.  Her hand was alternating between tugging on her nipples and fingering her pussy.

Jose groaned loudly and closed his eyes.  I could see that he was on the verge of a powerful orgasm and I sped up my fingers to finish at the same time.  I smirked as he tangled his fingers in her hair, pulled her face against him, and shot stream after stream of cum down her throat.  She grabbed him by the ass and kept him in her mouth until he was spent.  Just as she pulled back, I came with an earth-shattering orgasm.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed each of them a fluffy towel while they kissed passionately.  Jose’s hands were on her breasts and running along the curves of her body.  We all dried off quickly and retired to the bedroom to continue the fun.

Ana giggled when Jose tossed her onto the bed and dove between her legs.  He looked as excited as a school boy when he looked to me for permission.  I nodded and he began to plant kisses on her thighs.  I could see that she was dripping wet by the time his tongue touched her clit.  I had the perfect view of his mouth sucking on her clit and I knew the intense pleasure that came with his oral skills.  Ana was moaning and thrashing on the bed.  Jose added a finger and then another.  He sucked and finger fucked Ana until she came all over him, screaming out my name.

I reluctantly moved from my perch where I could see all the action, grabbed a condom, and slipped it on Jose’s cock.  It was rock hard and as soon as I’d managed to unroll it down his shaft he wasted no time in thrusting his cock in Ana’s pussy.  She squeaked as she felt the sensation of being filled by his enormous cock.  I knew she was in for a long ride; once Jose has cum once, he can go for hours before blowing another load.

They fucked fast and furious for a good ten minutes and Ana kept up a steady stream of groans, grunts, and cries out to her God.  Jose pulled out and used his considerable strength to flip her over into doggy-style position before slamming his cock back into her dripping pussy.

Though I wasn’t participating, I couldn’t help but run my fingernails across Jose’s back as I circled around behind them for a better view and a more comfortable place to bring myself to another powerful orgasm.  I stopped and watched him thrusting as I decided where I wanted to sit.  While I was watching his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, I noticed him dribbling lube down the crack in her ass.  He used his fingers to massage it in before dribbling more.  He slid a finger in gently and she bucked back against him breathing hard.  He added another finger and she cried out.  I handed him the vibrator that I’d intended to use, but no longer found necessary because I already felt the buildup to my orgasm starting just from the feeling of rubbing my pussy against the bed.

I watched, fascinated, as Jose pulled out of Ana’s pussy.  He slid his cock into her tight asshole and the vibrator into her pussy.

“Want to help me out,” Jose gasped, his breathing ragged.

I moved closer to them so I could slide the vibrator in and out while he pounded his cock in her ass.  She was screaming wildly, and her whole body was shaking with her repeated orgasms.  Jose slammed his cock deep inside her ass and practically roared as he came, the semen being sucked out of his cock by the rhythmic pulsing of her asshole.

Jose reached over and slid a finger inside me.  That was all it took to drive me over the edge and I had the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had in my life.  I came so hard that I soaked the bed with my juices.  I couldn’t wait for Ana to leave so I could suck and fuck Jose.  I wanted to do it just as she’d done so I could feel everything she felt.  Just thinking about it sent butterflies streaking through my stomach and caused my pussy to tingle with excitement.



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Khrys Thomas Erotic Story Competition Story 7

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