Shrashka Erotic Story Competition Story 11

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‘What the hell! Sammy you can’t kiss her! She’s drugging you with gorgon blood!’ I yelled at my computer screen. I rolled my eyes as the supernatural cast did not follow my script. I sighed and switched if off.

‘Im going for a walk mum.’ I called pulling on coat, to protect me from the cool night air. It was relatively quiet as I made my way to the beach, however I couldn’t shake the feeling someone was watching me…

I plugged in my headphones and looked up at the sky, before I could even fully drink in the stars, someone grabbed me from behind, my music was blasting too loud and before I could scream a smelly rag was placed over my face before everything went black.

I slowly forced my eyes open, squinting in the new light. I tried to stretch and yawn but couldn’t. My eyes flew open wildly, I was trapped in some kind of brace mechanism. I was tied to a bed in barely anything, I raised an eyebrow, what an odd dream. The flimsy bra and panties were black lace with matching suspenders, and I blushed at the kinkiness of my own dreams.

‘Ah good, you’re finally awake.’ I screamed out of surprise more than fear and a deep chuckle emanated from the corner of the room. Footsteps started towards me and I held my breath. Suddenly in my line of vision a man stood before me, I couldn’t tell much about him as he had on a balaclava, but he had piercing eyes from behind the mask.

‘Who are you?’ I bit out, more powerful than I felt. He was wearing a tight black shirt and jeans, I noted that he was extremely chiseled and good looking for a dream kidnapper. I felt his eyes roaming over my body and I lifted my chin defiantly.

‘Call me Mr K’ He said nonchalantly and I rolled my eyes, ‘well Mr K, what do you want?’ His eyes glinted darkly, ‘I think you know.’ I gulped and took a deep breath trying to keep the fear out of my voice. ‘You kidnapped me.’ I grimaced; it sounded so obvious and dumb. He smiled slowly and edged his way closer to the bed. ‘I couldn’t resist you anymore.’

I raised an eyebrow, ‘do I know you…?’ He took off the balaclava to reveal a devilishly handsome face and curly brown hair. My eyes widened in surprise, ‘you!’ I’d seen him around school but we’d never actually had a real conversation. He sat down on the bed and I scooted away from him as far as my bindings would allow. ‘Will right? You don’t have to do this, if you let me go I won’t tell anyone I swear.’ My voice wobbled on the last word, I knew what he wanted from me.

He placed his hand on my ankle and began to rub my foot gently. My eyes  rolled back into my head and I stifled a moan. How did he know where to touch me..? ‘Do you like that?’ he purred. I resisted the urge to nod, his hands were so kind and warm. ‘Let me go.’ I said again, this time however my voice wavered. He ran his hands up my calves and pressed his fingers down harder, I gasped and out of the corner of my eye I saw him smirk at me through dark lashes.

‘Why me..?’ I asked angrily, my fear draining away by his touch. He stopped caressing me and crawled towards me before lowering himself over me possessively, looking directly into my eyes.  ‘You’re beautiful.’ He offered simply, I almost laughed. ‘Then why not ask me on a date like a normal person..?’  He slid his hand over my abdomen and my heart rate sky rocketed, his hand was inching lower and fear crept back at me in waves of panic.

‘Because then I get to do this.’ He whispered and lowered his mouth to mine, his lips were soft, like warm blankets, I just wanted to loose myself in them. He tasted like cherries and cinnamon, a killer combination. I resisted the kiss though; even if he was attractive, he kidnapped me! I gave myself a mental scolding for wanting him to keep kissing me when he pulled away. ‘I know you like it.’ He murmured playfully while kissing and nibbling my neck.

I bit my lip as my eyes rolled shut, ‘g-get off m-me,’ I managed breathlessly. He ignored me and slid his hands up my sides stopping at my shoulders, then he slowly began to inch towards my breasts. ‘Stop it!’ I cried, but he simply grinned, ‘your mouth says no but your body says yes, look how hard your nipples are already and I haven’t even touched you.’ I grimaced at the stiff points protruding prominently from the flimsy bra. I blushed, ‘it’s cold in here, stop looking at me like that!’ He began to rub my shoulders again, then made his hands work around to my back, which was flat on the bed. The massage felt good until I felt him unclipping the material. I gasped, ‘no wait-‘ but it was too late, he pulled the bra from my body to expose my breasts in the cool air.

His pupils dilated and he began to run his hands over my stomach working his way up. ‘Stop…stop…. stop!’ I wriggled around trying to slow the process, ‘stop that or I’ll punish you.’ He said lowing his mouth to my nipple just as his hands sought my chest. I didn’t think I wanted to know what I punishment would be, so I just lay there as he sucked and licked me. I tried to pretend I didn’t like it but I could feel between my thighs becoming more and more damp; the panties were sticking to me.

I wriggled again, trying to stop him from going any further and he bit my nipple erroticly. I moaned deeply as he leant up to look in my eyes again, ‘I told you I’d punish you.’ He whispered into my ear. Will’s hand slowly made it’s way down my body and sought the wet panel between my legs. He stroked the length of me through my panties and I could feel the moisture giving away my arousal. ‘Please stop Will,’ I begged. With one finger hooked under the material, he moved it to the side and exposed me. I tried to close my legs, but the brace wouldn’t let me, he smiled at me, eyes locked; before sinking a thick finger into me.

I gasped and fisted the bed sheets, holding on ‘stop you can’t do this!’ I breathed, he looked at me cheekily ‘try and stop me.’ I narrowed my eyes at him ‘you won’t get away with it.’ He removed his thrusting finger and leaning close to whisper in my ear, ‘I already have.’ With no warning my panties were gone, and I was fully naked. I closed my eyes, embarrassed. Nothing happened for a few moments and when I peaked out through my lashes, he was staring down at me. ‘Please don’t, I don’t want-‘ I began but he cut me off be slowly dipping his head lower to my wetness.

‘No.’ I breathed before he pulled my clit into his mouth, sucking it gently. I bucked on the bed but he placed his strong hands on my thighs, holding me down as he plunged his tongue inside me. I screamed and I felt him smile as he increased the pace. I thrashed wildly, trying to do something and he stopped licking me, looking at me with heavy lidded eyes.

‘I can’t wait anymore.’ He breathed and ripped off his shirt to reveal broad shoulders and the sexiest chest I’ve ever seen. ‘Its not too late, we-we can still pretend this never happened.’ I sobbed as he began undoing his belt to pull down his jeans. To my surprise he wasn’t wearing any underwear and his hard cock sprang free intimidatingly. I gulped and pushed back the fear inside me. He climbed on top of me and locked eyes with me, an intimate gesture, ‘you taste amazing.’ He whispered as he thrust his cock against my entrance.

I gasped as he easily slid back and forth over me, and his mouth came back on my still erect nipples. He kept the pace up as I begged him to stop in vain. Abruptly, he looked up at me with a clenched jaw, ‘I wanted to go slower with you, but I can’t resist.’ He thrust the tip of his huge cock inside me suddenly and I moaned unwillingly. He kept sliding himself into me slowly, inch by inch until he was buried in my warm velvet. He hovered there for a second, taking deep breaths to calm himself before he began thrusting into me.

I screamed at the slight pain, he was too big for me, but he didn’t stop. ‘Please-dont-Will’ I gasped in between thrusts. He looked down at me and pulled himself out, I breathed a sigh of relief, but the victory was short lived as he turned me over onto all fours. He placed his hands on waist and I caught myself smiling, then quickly banished it as he slid the tip into me again, to begin pumping himself into me again. I meant to tell him stop, but it came out as a moan ‘oh Will.’ He pushed himself down over me to kiss my neck and I felt his warmth radiate into my back.

I should have stopped him, wriggled or tried to move, but I just couldn’t, it felt too good and before I knew it, I was meeting his thrusts with equal intensity. He moaned ‘Ella’ into my ear and I grinned. He slipped himself out once again to lick me and wriggled underneath me so I was on top of him, ‘Lower yourself onto me’ he cooed. I shook my head, unwilling to let the last strand of willpower go. He placed his hands on my ass and using his strength slammed me down, impaling me on his cock, I leaned forwards and placed my head   on his chest.

‘Tell me you like it baby.’ he demanded while fucking me powerfully. ‘I like it.’ I mumbled weakly. ‘Scream it, tell me you love it when I fuck your tight pussy with my hard cock.’ he snarled. I moaned as he increased the pace and bit my lip, ‘I-I love it Will, please don’t stop fucking me, I love the feel of your cock, you’re so big and hard, my pussy wants it all.’ I cried. ‘Good girl’ he moaned at me, he undid my bindings slowly, never stopping the pace and when I was free, he slipped out from me slowly, I moaned in protest.

In response he grabbed a fistful of my hair and brought my face close to his cock. I smiled mischievously and swirled my tongue over his tip, licking up his pre cum happily. I placed my lips around him and began working up and down his shaft, slick with my own juice. He moaned and I thought it was quite possibly the sexist sound in the world. Will pushed me back onto all fours again and thrust into me with ferocity. ‘Im so close’ he whispered into my ear.

I smiled into the pillow and met his thrusts harder trying to push him over the edge. ‘Ella!’ He moaned as I felt him release his hot cum inside me. We collapsed on the bed together, my head on his chest, the blanket caught around our waists. I was sure what I had just done was very bad….. but I loved it. And in what seemed like minutes the world faded to black as I fell into a peaceful sleep with my naked kidnapper.

Shrashka Erotic Story Competition Story 11
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Shrashka Erotic Story Competition Story 11
This story has been submitted by Shrashka to the Write an Erotic story competition if you like it and think it should win Comment below and share
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Shrashka Erotic Story Competition Story 11

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