The 10 Best Songs To Have Sex To According to Spotify And Science

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll has been a preoccupation of generations of young people since the 1960s, while even even Shakespeare wrote: “If music be the food of love, play on.” And now scientists have discovered one reason why they seem to go so well together and we will find out why we all have those songs to have sex too.

For the same chemical system in the brain that produces feelings of pleasure as a result of having sex, taking recreational drugs or eating tasty food is also stimulated by listening to a favourite tune. To test the theory, the cleaver researchers found a way to temporarily block the natural opioid substances produced when we are having a good time.

And it began 17 test subjects were then played music to see if doing this had an effect.

Dr Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist at McGill University in Canada as well as a musician and record producer, said: “The impressions our participants shared with us after the experiment were fascinating. This was the first time it had been shown conclusively that opioids in the brain were directly involved in musical pleasure.

Alcohol, sex, gambling and other activities that stimulate this system can lead to damaging addictive behaviour in a similar way to recreational drugs. It is hoped that understanding the processes involved could help lead to new ways to treat addiction, which is a very cool idea.

So on to the top songs to have sex, the wise guys and girls at Spotify’s data centre looked through the “sex” playlists on its service to see which songs were streamed most frequently. Spotify also did this last year, and the one common denominator was that The Weeknd charted both years, which is, a tad concerning. Stay emotionally healthy everyone!

“Sex With Me” — Rihanna

“Birthday Sex” — Jeremih

“Ride” — SoMo

“Earned It” (Fifty Shades Of Grey) — The Weeknd

“Slow Motion” — Trey Songz

“Often” — The Weeknd

“Neighbors Know My Name” — Trey Songz

“Pony” — Ginuwine

“Sex” — Cheat Codes

“All The Time” — Jeremih

So now we know, one good way to spark a little more action is putting on some music in the first place. Now as you can see its all a “type of music” and feels somewhat prescribed by the media to be those snogs you have to, tied to films like the 50 Shades of Grey or Magic Mike. I wanted to share a couple of my personal favorites which I am sure you wouldnt see on any generic Songs To Have Sex lists.

So here is the You Only Wetter Songs To Have Sex list

“Fuck The Pain Away” — Peaches

“Voodoo People” — The Prodigy

“Sanctified” — Nine Inch Nails

“Gallery Piece” — of Montreal
“Pussy” — Rammstein 

“Crazy Bitch” — Buckcherry

“Lay Your Hands On Me” — Bon Jovi

 “Personal Jesus” — Marilyn Manson

The 10 Best Songs To Have Sex To According to Spotify

Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

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The 10 Best Songs To Have Sex To According to Spotify And Science

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