Quick Dating Reference Guide

Pull this guide from the blog and you can take this anywhere! Keep it with you when you have a date or potentially looking for the guy you want. This will refresh your memory without having to flip through all the plot posts. WINNER!. You can take things off as you go and make notes wherever you need to, a dating journal is always good for that too. I will give you examples of my journals so you have a idea of what might work for you.

Happy Dating My beautiful Warriors.

How to know when you are over someone

These are my quick steps to know you are over someone. Tick them off when you feel you have achieved them. Don’t worry about Quick Dating Reference Guidehow long it takes just know that you can do this!

  • You have stopped checking their Facebook whenever you feel low.
  • You stop comparing your dating experiences to ones you had with them.
  • When you wake up in the morning and don’t think about them.
  • One day you’ll realise that when there name is mentioned it doesn’t hurt.
  • After a while you’ll forget what you saw in them.
  • When you realise that what they are doing doesn’t bother you, then you’re ready to move on.

Making the meet

  • You can meet anywhere just remember it’s all in the approach.
  • Make contact and a cute smile
  • Ask to join them while you wait for friends or if it’s a crowded bar, as for the extra seat
  • Continue with conversation
  • If things go well exchange numbers


Keep it short, meet early and determine if they are for you. Online profile needs to reflect the best parts of you and catch the eye of the beholder. Best up to date pictures and put as much of your personality in to the profile.

Quick Dating Reference Guide

The Dates 1 by 1: how to approach them

Most people it’s up to the guy to ask you but are you still living in the past? it’s 2016 ( well it was when I wrote this). You can set the dates on your terms but remember take it slow.

Date 1

Coffee (Or tea of you prefer, any hot beverage really)

Date 2

Lunch (Short and sweet but has potential to go further)

Date 3

Dinner ( and a movie if you like) by here you should know if this is something you want to pursue. Lipular contact is acceptable but nothing more.

Date 4 – 6

These are your evening dates, spend time together, dinner, movies, theatre, evening walks.

Date 7 – 10

These become mixtures of day and night dates. Spending the day together becomes more intimate then the evening because you spend the most important part of your timer together. If a guy is willing to give you his whole day, you may have found a good one.

Dates 11 and 12

These are your times to shine, make a meal at home, introduce him to your lifestyle. Make dinner ( find your own signature dish, you don’t have to be a great cook just 1 thing you can make amazingly), and make yourself the dessert. These dates are where if you feel the chemistry take you there then follow it. By this time he should be invested in you and you him, there should be some passion or love building not just lust. Lust opens doors, but love closes them behind you.

Date rules

  1. After date wait 24hrs before texting them to see if they text first
  2. If no text or call after 3 days you make contact
  3. If reply, great! Talk and think about next date.

If no reply bin them they are not interested. If the want it they will get in contact. No man has ever said no to Beyoncé?

You are the catch remember! Try to be allusive and not to clingy, leave a good time between each text response, let him sweat a little. It builds up the anticipation. I am always clingy and it ruins it.

Bedtime fun

Reflect the relationships. Fill out a quick list of what you want in this relationship and reflect that in your love making. Make it enjoyable for you and him. Full beauty body works please. Legs, bikini line and underarms. More beautiful you feel the better.


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Dating Queen

Like many women in their 20s, I had no idea how to find a man or keep one. I started to make my own plan that works wonders which I plan to share. Along with some of my terrible dating stories hopefully you can learn from. When it comes to dating and being a single parent and being in your 20’s, people make a lot of snap judgements about what relationships women should be in. I want to find that right guy to be with in the long term but I also love the joy of sex. Whatever you are looking for right now, whether it’s just a causal hook up or ways to find the right guy, I hope some of my stories inspire you to find what it is you want. Happy dating my love warriors..

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Quick Dating Reference Guide

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