15 Reasons to Masturbate

15 Reasons to Masturbate15. It’s a singular pleasure. There’s nothing else like it.

Of all the pleasures made available in life; making love, savoring delicious food, the feeling of victory: self-pleasuring and the euphoric orgasmic release of fluids, expectation, stress and negativity is one of them. It is a unique pleasure. Even though orgasm with a partner is a spectacular pleasure in its own right, it can’t help but be different than singular ones, masturbation certainly has its place in everyone’s lives.

Perhaps some of you have been raised Catholic or Christian and have been told that masturbation is a sin punishable by habitation in some corner of a fiery hell, or perhaps some of you have heard that masturbation will make you grow hair on your palms, or make you go blind, but let’s be honest, why would God supposedly create mankind with the natural ability to pleasure themselves, only to make it a sin? Who is it hurting? Not only is there no victim, the perpetrator is also only doing themselves good. If you believe in a good and benevolent God, it obviously makes more sense that he would want his prodigy to be happy and healthy, rather than stressed-out, clueless and sexually frustrated.

14. It builds sexual stamina and can make you a better lover.

You can have amazing sex, even if you’re “one and done,” but there are two fundamental problems with “one and done.”

First, without exploring, learning about and mastering your own body, many people are unable to achieve even a single orgasm: one culmination of sexual excitement. Secondly, many people have a multi-orgasmic capacity that is hardly fulfilled by a single orgasm. For many people, having only one orgasm will never be mind-blowing, or even fully satisfying sex.

Here’s another little known tip. Some men are multi-orgasmic, in the same way that some women can have multiple orgasms. It is widely known that many men can make love, orgasm, rest and then make love and orgasm again, however, the truth is that some men, can have several orgasms during one session of lovemaking, without taking breaks. The implication of this is that many men never realize their full sexual capacity, because they don’t even know what it is. Masturbation can help accustom your body to lasting longer, having better/stronger orgasms and even having multiple orgasms.

15 Reasons to Masturbate13. It avoids the male agony that is “blue balls”

Without masturbation, women can certainly feel anxious, frustrated and stressed-out, but men have a more excruciating level of feeling in this circumstance. Without proper self-pleasuring, many men experience a documented physical condition, the layman’s name for which is “blue balls.” This very painful, uncomfortable and incapacitating condition occurs when a man is sexually prepared, excited, and aroused and blood rushes to the genital area. Without proper sexual release, the muscles in the pubic area do not relax, thus trapping the blood in the genital region and creating what can be an excruciating swelling, which causes over-sensitivity, discomfort and pain.

The simple cure for this condition is orgasmic release, either self-induced, or with a partner. Regular masturbation can prevent blue-balls from becoming a problem.

12. Anticipate a healthy schedule

You may want to masturbate every morning, or every night; or perhaps both. This gives you something to look forward to. Your body craves it and anticipates it and the health benefits which go with it.

11. It clears your mind

Chris Elliot’s character in the hilarious film, “There’s Something About Mary,” is a bad character, but his lines about carrying “a loaded gun,” are actually good. He essentially says, “You don’t want to take a loaded gun on a date” and he’s right. Of course, he doesn’t mean a literal gun. The gun signifies a weapon that hasn’t been discharged. For example: the male sexual organ.

It’s true that, if you’re extremely horny and undersexed, your mind is going to work differently than if you’re relaxed, comfortable and sexually satisfied. If you’re sexually fulfilled, you’re much more likely to make sound decisions, seem less rushed, enjoy non-sexual stimulation and come across as more confident.

If you’re climbing the walls like a cat on a hot tin roof, you’re more likely to settle for less than you really want, give in to peer pressure, be willing to overlook birth control and STD protection, be irritable, troubled, unhappy and frustrated. You’re also less likely to pay attention when people are talking about things which don’t pertain directly to sex. This is especially a problem for men, who generally don’t prefer talking anyway.

Clear your mind. Don’t go to your work, or your school, or your date with all that extra baggage. Each bullet in that gun is a mistake waiting to happen. Be responsible and give yourself the best mental function you can, in order to make the best decisions and the best impressions.

15 Reasons to Masturbate10. Masturbate with a partner

Most women can’t have an orgasm, simply from penetration. This means the average woman has three basic choices: have sexual penetration (sex) and have orgasms but separately, try to learn to orgasm from penetration alone (which may not be possible for most women), or….masturbate during sex with your partner.

The benefits of doing this are threefold.

  • First, most women can’t have an orgasm during sex any other way, so it makes the impossible possible. (Most men consider orgasm the culmination of sexual fulfillment and view anything less than mutual orgasm as a failure, so mutual orgasm is especially important from the average male perspective.)
  • Secondly, people almost universally find witnessing another person’s orgasm, who they’re attracted to, very exciting, stimulating and desirable, so it’s likely to heighten their enjoyment and pleasure.
  • And finally, being in control of your own orgasm, during a sexual encounter can be liberating and heighten your feeling of power, excitement and pleasure as well.

9. It boosts the immune system

Self-pleasuring boosts your immune system by increasing your metabolism and releasing a number of healthy chemicals into your blood stream. If you masturbate, you are less likely to get stressed-out, depressed and sick.

8. It allows you to teach your partner what you like.

Many people enjoy learning about their partner’s likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs. There is a huge world and a vast universe for you to explore. How sad would it be, if, in your entire life, you never even had the curiosity and courage to explore your own body? If you don’t, how will you ever be able to answer questions posed by your lovers, about how you would most prefer to be sexually pleased?

P10108377. Teaches you about your sexual needs, abilities and proclivities.

Sex is a wide open field. Many people put themselves in the unfortunate situation of having a stable of sexual fantasies consisting of one. If you’re a man, maybe it’s “lie down and thrust.”

Sex is like food. There are a million styles, types and delicacies. One should try many things and enjoy the vast diversity and endless possibilities of one of life’s greatest pleasures.

How will you know what is possible and what you might like, unless you explore the possibilities? This process of sampling the sexual buffet begins with exploring yourself.

6. Become comfortable with your orgasm

The average woman can’t achieve orgasm from sexual penetration alone and it’s estimated that about 10% of the female population can’t reach orgasm at all. It’s likely that a good part of their inability to obtain orgasm has to do with self-consciousness and inhibiting feelings of anxiety, fear, concern and uncomfortableness.

If you familiarize yourself with how your body works and become comfortable with your own orgasm, it’s very likely that you’ll feel more comfortable when you’re approaching an orgasm with your partner. In these circumstances, you’re likely to be a lot more confident, self-assured and relaxed and you are much more likely to obtain your climax.

5. It lifts your mood

What happens when you masturbate? You reduce stress, boost your immune system, make yourself more comfortable and relaxed and send endorphins into your bloodstream, which make you happier. The chemicals released during sexual activity boost your mood; elevate your happiness and feelings of wellbeing and contentment.

When you have an orgasm, you don’t just feel good for those few seconds; you’re genetically hotwired for a reward. You’re going to feel good for the rest of the day.

4. It helps you sleep

Lack of orgasmic release can cause unnecessary stress, anxiousness, frustration and insomnia. The relaxation, satisfaction and comfort caused by self-pleasuring can contribute to extremely peaceful and satisfying sleep, which is necessary, healthy and enjoyable.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you an insomniac? The solution is at your fingertips.

Where he cums and what that says about him.3. It reduces stress.

Do you feel frustrated, unhappy and depressed? Do you want things beyond your reach, worry about things beyond your control, and have more work than time?

Have sex with your partner, or masturbate. The sexual activity will reduce your stress, improve your mood and make the impossible seem possible again.

2. Where and how else will you ever get to have any kind of sex with anyone you want?

Some of your fantasies will probably never, in your entire life, be fulfilled. This is unfortunate, but it’s true. You will probably never walk on the moon, own a jet plane, or meet Brad Pitt. You may never have sex with Angelina Jolie, try anal sex, or have a threesome.  But in your mind, you are free. You can want anything and do anything and no one can judge you.

Enjoy a romantic night of love-making with Angelina. See whether imagining anal relations turns you on. Frolic within an orgy of Chippendales or super models, no one will judge you and who knows, you might love it!

Reality will not infringe on your dreams, in your mind. When you masturbate, any sexual fantasy you can imagine is possible. You can enjoy making love to anyone, or banging your brains out in any situation; romantic, dirty, fetish, or otherwise. You are God and the universe in your mind is subject to your will.

Play God once in a while, not just with your sexuality, but with your dreams.

1.    It feels amazing!

The # 1 reason to masturbate is a bit of a no-brainer.

It feels great! Why the heck wouldn’t you want to feel good?

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15 Reasons to Masturbate

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