anewkidintown567 Erotic Story Competition Story 15

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The sun was hanging low over the trees as you walked home from work. The day had been a long one, but you smile as you recount the day’s events and the many ways you made others smile. You feel the sun on your face and you welcome the warmth it brings as the days get shorter, reminding you daily that winter is coming, and soon. You are reminded about a note I left you this morning expressing my love for you and how I look forward to seeing you tonight. You smile just a little bit more as you turn into the driveway to see a note on the door, with your name written on the outside in red letters.

The note reads:

“Jacqueline, your love for me inspires me to find ways to care for you, and cherish you every day of my life. Today is no different in that regard. Before you enter, please take a deep breath, close your eyes and release it slowly and feel the day disappear. When you enter the house, please put your things down at the door, and they will be attended to for you. Once you are inside, please take another deep breath or two and when you are done, ring the bell you will find on the table just inside. Once inside, you will be transported to a place where you will be expected to think only about what you are experiencing at the moment it is happening.

Enter, if you dare, but know, your pleasure and your ecstasy will be the focus of the evening. When you are ready, please enter…

For you”

You smile, sigh, and put your bags down then remove you coat. Looking up, you see me standing before you. I smile, gently kiss you on the cheek and hold you close, tenderly, while pulling the hair up off your face and over your ear. Moving quickly, I put your things away with you standing there, looking so beautiful, and smiling at me while I bring you your red shoes. Slipping off your work shoes, I rub your feet gently before I place the shoes on making sure you know how exciting they are to me, and knowing how they make you feel, I smile up at you and say “I hope you enjoy what is about to take place. It has been organized and designed for your pleasure.” With that, I blindfold you and lead you to the bedroom which fills your nose with a scent of lavender and roses from the incense I have burning. You inhale deeply to take in the aroma which fills the room with its warmth and its invitation to relax and enjoy what is to come.

You are positioned carefully in the room, which seems to have been re-arranged as you are standing where a dresser should be or so you think. Gently, I run my hands through your hair careful not to disturb the blindfold which is resting over your smiling face, holding your hair off your face, for me, it affords me a snapshot of your playfulness and your daring heart. You raise your head to my touch then relax when my hands move down across your shoulders. I unzip your dress as you inhale sharply at the sound of the zipper and the touch of my hand as it runs down your back. I pull the zipper down past your waist and glide the dress down slowly over your shoulders and down your arms and gently lift each arm through it. Your dress slides down your body as you feel the rush of the coolness of the room on your exposed skin. You take a deep breath and enjoy the feeling of becoming awakened by the touch of your lover, and the sensation of being undressed. My hands brush across your shoulders and undo your bra. It falls to the ground; you feel your nipples react to the air. I leave your panties on, take your hand, move you across the room to a chair that you do not recognize the feel of. It is a lounging couch, and you can feel the soft plush cushions inviting you to relax into their willing grasp. I take your hands and gently pull them behind you while I slip the restraints over each wrist that bind your arms to the chair. I then spread your legs out and take your ankles one at a time and place restraints on them holding your body in place on the soft, inviting cushions. The sensation of being bound sends a rush through your body when you realize that you are now only able to receive whatever is offered to you tonight. You shudder at the idea of being the center of pleasure.

You are alone, bound, and aroused. The music begins; soft, gentle sounds fill the room as you inhale deeply the scents that the candles emit for your enjoyment. You hear the door close. You are not sure if I have left, or if I have just closed the door, but you begin to anticipate the next sensation on your skin. Will I touch you with my hand, will I kiss your body, will I cover your body with the sensation of some exotic fabric or perhaps a feather to arouse and to tickle you. It seems like forever, but it has only been a few minutes before the door slowly opens, then slowly closes again. You know you are not alone. You can feel the presence of someone moving slowly around the room. You get excited at the thought that he is staring at you – the showcase of the room. You try to imagine where he is looking, lusting, enjoying the sight of your body as it is displayed on the chair. You sense him stop behind you, he reaches for your hair and runs his fingers through it, gently pulling your head back toward his body which you can feel so very close to yours. He begins to rub your scalp and you start to relax to his touch and allow yourself to ease back into the chair which seems to reach up to soften the fall. You realize that you are in a space where you can relax while you hair is being brushed and played with. You smile at the idea that I would take the time to do such a simple thing for you. The hands find their way to your neck, then across your shoulders to your chest. You breathe deeply, trying to bring your breasts to his hands, offering his hands your hard nipples. His fingers move across your chest, but do not find your aching buds. The door opens, then closes. You tense with anticipation! There are now two men in the room, perhaps more, you are not sure anymore and you can not find a way to answer the question. Gently, you feel the new hands on your knees, slowly moving up your thighs toward your hips. Your legs move toward the hands as they glide smoothly over your soft skin, arching your hips gently to meet the hands. The hands begin to rub up and down your thighs, slowly while you ease back into the chair again, receiving the pleasure of the hands, hands for you to enjoy.

The door opens again, but this time you do not respond to it as before. This time, you get excited at the thought that there is yet another set of hands waiting to please you, to arouse and caress your body. You only imagine where this set will land on your body. Perhaps more than one came in, you wonder if there are more men in the room than you think. Where did I go? Am I caressing you or am I watching you? You can not find the answers,  so you again sink into the chair and release your body to the hands filling your senses with soft, gentle movements that seem to becoming one stimulus. Gently, the new hands find your chest and move around your breasts to your stomach. Your body is now full of sensations, of your pleasure, of your being unable to respond. You press your body to each of the hands and find yourself dancing to the waves of the touches. Each one, a slightly different tempo, a differing pulse to react to, a different pleasure to respond to. Your left nipple is brushed gently, then the right one as his hands move across your chest on a path from the top of your panties to your neck. Circles, lines, slow, fast, gentle and firm strokes starting and finishing with no fixed points, just encompassing you, filling your body with arousing touch. The hands on your thighs move closer and closer to your dripping lips, and engorged clitoris. His hands pull your skin gently underneath your panties which causes you to inhale sharply as the touch of the fabric on your lips is so intense, and as your clitoris is brushed by the lace, you gasp as you feel your lips opening, anticipating a touch that does not seem to ever arrive. The hands on your thighs inch closer, then slowly pull away, pulling your lips apart and you feel exposed yet you long for more exposure. You want the panties to be removed, but don’t dare ask.

You soon realize that the other hands have moved to either side of your body, and are now on either hip. You feel them pull your hips back into the chair while the other set of hands moves closer to the panties which are now soaked, and seemingly in the way. “Dare I?” asked the voice in the room, seemingly from everywhere, yet from nowhere in particular. You find yourself breathless and speechless at the thought of being completely exposed to the hands upon your aching, aroused body. Having no ability to offer your acceptance, you slowly nod. The hands on your hips slowly move toward your knees, you feel them clasp your inner knees and gently widen your legs while the other hands slide slowly down the edges of your panties, grazing your thigh while pressing your lips together causing your clitoris to be engulfed by them. You make your first sound, a long, deep moan as his fingers slide down your lips over the edge of the panties. You pulse as his fingers pass by your aching opening which longs for a finger to play with it. You press your hips forward, hoping to catch the fingers passing by your slit, but the hands holding your legs and hips won’t allow you to catch them. The sensation of being held and having touch withheld from you stirs your desire for more touch, for more hands, for more pleasure to be given to you.

Gently, slowly, one hand reaches up your thigh while the other remains on your knee and the other hands rest on your inner thighs, spreading your lips under your panties causing the lace to caress your clitoris some more. The hand finds the top of your panty and begins to descend toward your expectant slit. You achingly arch toward the hand that is moving down your stomach, trying to quicken the touch you long for. Just as his hand reaches your wetness, the other hand one your other knee begins its journey up your thigh moving along the lines of your toned legs. Running along your thigh, his hand joins the other one as they both begin to explore your lips and your clitoris slowly pulling the panties out of the way allowing them both freer access to your wetness. Suddenly, you feel your panties tighten as they are pulled from above. You hear the sound of scissors cutting and feel your panties fall around your hips. They are left there for you to remember the feeling of being helpless, powerless, yet completely aroused and the focus of such pleasure as you have seldom felt.

Soon, there are hands on your breasts, and hands caressing your clitoris and tugging gently on your outer lips. As they spread you, another hand has found it’s way to between your legs and has begun to play with the opening that aches to be touched. You gasp as his finger slides slowly into you, pushing you open, stretching you, another finger slips into you and you moan loudly yet again. The fingers on your lips close upon the fingers in your vagina and is moving slowly back and forth while the other two hands hold them there. They move up and begin to play gently with your clitoris while you push your hips forward and release your first orgasm. Your breasts are receiving pleasure from the other two hands that have moved away from your hips. Your body is engulfed in pleasure from every corner. You can not decide which is giving you the most, and you don’t care. You are lost in the moment and you give in to the touch that is so wonderful. The hands continue to move back and forth and playfully they take turns entering you and stimulating your clitoris. You can no longer determine which hand comes from where nor do you care. Your hips push forward as the fingers inside you push deep and you let out another moan as you begin to pulse wave after wave of pleasure that has overtaken your body. The hands slow as you begin to relax into the chair. Their grasp on your body is released, and they remove their hands from your heaving body. You hear the door open, then close and you wonder if they have all left or not.

“For you” I whisper in your ear taking off the blindfold…

Erotic Story Competition Story 15
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Erotic Story Competition Story 15
This story has been submitted to the Write an Erotic story competition if you like it and think it should win Comment below and share
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anewkidintown567 Erotic Story Competition Story 15

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