Class glass

As suggested on the box and in the name of this toy, the intended use is for performing your Kegels, strengthening your pelvic floor, etc. However, out of the box, this is a nicely bubbled, smooth, long glass wand. Just because it says that on the box doesn’t mean we’re not going to use it in as many ways as we can. Personally We love glass due to the ease of cleanup, and because it can be totally sterilized which makes sharing easy. Some reviews I’ve read find glass to hard and unforgiving but that comes down to personal choice.

I got equal enjoyment from both ends of this toy – when we’re having intercourse or just on its own. It’s pretty and as it’s not anatomical it makes a nice toy to use as a couple especially if your partner is put off by cock shaped dildos. I did not find it particularly useful for the intended Kegel exercise function preferring the glass balls from the same range which I can keep in all day

Good for:-

  • Couples
  • Everyone
  • Solo
  • Anal
  • Kegels
  • P-spot

This is another Borosilicate glass toy, which are quickly becoming our favorite. This means you get to look forward to a super hard, durable toy. Being glass, this thing has no give to it, so you need to watch out while thrusting, or else you could damage something inside of you. Glass also has the property of being able to hold temperature, so you can heat it up or cool it down before use, the safest way of doing so is by soaking it in the right temperature water (but try it out before inserting into any sensitive bits.)

The only texture from this toy is coming from the large bulbs that dot the length of it.

As always with glass, you’re able to wash it in the dishwasher if you so care to, but a little antibacterial hand soap should take care of it nicely. The toy won’t hold smells, tastes, or anything else. You can use any lube with it, but as always, we suggest an easy water based lube for fewer complications.
Not porous at all

This thing works great. The bulges are far enough apart to really provide a great sensation as you pop them in and out, and you can get in nice and deep with the slender side, while having enough remaining on the outside for use as a handle. One tiny drawback of this toy: the color that is on the box and presented on the website is not totally correct. The deep purple of the pictures is actually very light and subtle. Not a damning flaw, but just something to be aware of if you’re going for a particular color.

As I have found the case to be with many glass toys, this one is very well designed. The graduations between the balls are nicely spaced, and the increased size of the balls is noticeable. I found the largest one a bit too big to slide in comfortably, so beginners may find it too large.

Somewhat surprisingly, one of the most enjoyable features of this toy was watching the expression on my partner’s face while I used it on him anally. We’re all about sharing toys, but since this one was designed with a particular vaginal function in mind, I didn’t expect him to get as much out of it as he did. It’s just long enough for him to hold it in place while we have intercourse (girl on top), and the results are just as much fun for me as I suspect from his moaning that they are for him. It’s also a great anal dildo because the glass makes it firm enough to really massage his P-spot.

I enjoyed it as a vaginal dildo as well – the sensation of transitioning from bulge to bulge, as I mentioned before, was enjoyable both internally and on my vaginal entrance which is extremely sensitive. However, for Kegel exercise, I have found that a good pair of weighted balls is much more effective and enjoyable than a toy such as this. Still, I think its value as a dildo more than makes up for its shortcomings as a Kegel exerciser.

Considering this is something designed to be for Kegels, it holds high praise from me for being so multifaceted in use.

This is a glass toy, which means care is pretty simple. It is easily washed with soap and water, or it can be thrown in the top rack of the dishwasher if you so care. It’s non-porous, so that means you can sterilize it and share it between partners, but as always, make sure to completely sterilize it. Don’t want to share any germs. Store it in something soft, it is Borosilicate glass, but you want to make sure it won’t break or chip (even though it probably won’t.)
Easy to clean
Easy to store

This toy was packaged upright with foam caps on both ends which held it secure in the center of the box. You can use the original package to store this toy in, but it’s probably easier if you find something thick and soft to keep it in for quicker ease of use. A big picture of the toy is on the outside of the box, making it not the most subtle of containers, but it is a slightly more abstract design. Like all you only wetter products it comes in plain outer packaging so no need to worry about the postman!

All in all a great purchase and well worth having in your toy box


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Class glass

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