Women share their weirdest sexual experience

While we are by no means in the business of shaming people for their sexual desires and turn-ons hell we are sex-positivity, people here. We found 11 women that may have been a little freaked out by what happened to them in various Reddit posts, so we have collected them together here with a link to the original post so you can go read the full nightmare that unfolded.

“The Sheep were watching”

“Got dry-humped by a giant 18-year-old farmer boy at the foot of a mountain in Kerry. There were at least 20 sheep in attendance, like, watching. Waiting” [Read the full post here]

“He wanted me to slap his balls

“I dated a dude for a while who was really into getting slapped in the balls. Like, he LOVED it. I was happy to oblige, but it was strange because it went against all my instincts and my entire sex life up until that point which had taught me not to smack people in the nuts.” [Read the full post here]

“He wanted to drink my breast milk”

“My first boyfriend asked me to make myself produce breast milk so I could feed him. He ordered vitamins and wanted me to order a breast pump. I was 19 and no kids at the time. Glad I noped the fuck out of that.” [Read the full post here]

We found 11 women that may have been a little freaked out by what happened to them in various Reddit posts.

“I had sex AND phone sex at the same time”

“I was probably about 18-19, and I went to a three-day heavy metal festival. Back then I was very into casual sex. I was a bit bored, since I was at the festival by myself, and was just sitting in front of my tent one evening. A guy walked by, and I asked him if he was dtf. Unsurprisingly, he was. So we got to it, with the protection of course, when my phone started ringing. It was my bang buddy from back home. So, I don’t remember how it happened, but I ended up having sex while also having phone sex at the same time. It was underwhelming.” [Read the full post here]

“I watched him stick a metal rod up his penis”

“I hooked up with this very sweet guy, but after some pretty alright sex, he started talking about how he once had to have a catheter in, and how sexy it was, and how much he liked it and then asked me if I knew what sounding was, and then pulled out a little case of sounding rods and a giant bottle of lube and asked me if I wanted to do it to him, or just watch. So I watched. It was not at all arousing but it was legitimately fascinating to see how it worked, and he seemed to really enjoy it. But that was the last time we hooked up because the idea of sticking a metal rod up a man’s penis makes my genitals worried.” [Read the full post here]

We found 11 women that may have been a little freaked out by what happened to them in various Reddit posts.

“He roared like a lion”

“I briefly casually dated this guy and during the one time we had sex he started roaring like a lionIt was very weird, he was so loud! I was shocked, I never experienced anyone roaring in bed before, but he had his eyes closed and I don’t think he noticed my reaction. He was REALLY into it. We were in his dorm and his roommate also walked in on us at one point. The whole encounter was like something out of a sitcom.” [Read the full post here]

“He had a giantess fetish”

“Dude was into being made to feel like a tiny human (literally had a ‘giantess’ fetish) and could only get hard if I was crushing his face. Unfortunately, he was a giant himself and a condition of his fetish is that small women make him feel even smaller, and I (a small woman) was too short to reach down and do anything with him while crushing him. He had a mirror on the wall at my face level and I saw into my own soul and realised I wanted to go home.” [Read the full post here]

We found 11 women that may have been a little freaked out by what happened to them in various Reddit posts.

“I was in handcuffs and he had a seizure”

“I was in a BDSM relationship with a fella and one night I was blindfolded, handcuffed, thighs chained together while we were full on going at it. He’d recently had brain surgery (VERY recently, like a couple months previous) and was still having some problems. Mid-thrust, he pulled out, said, ‘Hang on a minute, babe,’ and proceeded to go into a grand mal seizure. Luckily — and this was unusual — my hands happened to be cuffed in front of me, so I was able to get the blindfold off to see why the hell he made that weird noise. Still cuffed and chained, I managed to get him rolled onto his side – thank god we were on the bed and he hadn’t rolled off. I couldn’t find the handcuff keys. I managed to get the chains off my legs and about that time he came back around. I asked him where the cuff keys were and he looked at me like he had no idea what any of those words meant. Then he noticed I had handcuffs on and in all sincerity, asked me who the hell had done that to me. I said, ‘Uhhh, you did.’ ‘BULLSHIT! You’re joking!’ Finally, I found the cuff keys, and also his meds. Fed him his meds, stayed with him that night. He was up and ready to go to finish things up in about an hour. We still did it.” [Read the full post here]

“He wanted her to wear exotic fur”

“I knew a girl in college who went back to hook up with some 40-year-old guy from the bar and halfway through, he brought out these like giant exotic fur pelts and wanted her to wear them. I will never forget her telling us the story in the morning even though this was like five years ago. I can’t say I’ve ever had any experiences a quarter as weird as that.” [Read the full post here]

“He said something really weird”

“We were doing it on the floor and he said, ‘Wow. You’re so wet. I could fill up a cup and drink it.’ So bizarre.” [Read the full post here]

We found 11 women that may have been a little freaked out by what happened to them in various Reddit posts and share their weirdest sexual experience

“A doctor asked me to put a needle into his pee hole”

“I once had a man ask me to put this long needle looking contraption into his pee hole while French kissing… Craziest shit ever… I am a retired Escort so I got paid big bucks for this. Also, it was one of my first ‘dates’. Oh and he was a doctor.” [Read the full post here]

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Women share their weirdest sexual experience

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