Let’s Talk Masturbation In Your Relationships

I believe masturbation lends for the healthiest and most successful of romantic relationships. The benefits are clear, concise, and most important of all they are proven with science! Studies have shown that masturbators had significantly more orgasms, greater sexual desire, higher self-esteem, and greater marital and sexual satisfaction, and required less time to sexual arousal. versus non-masturbators in a marital relationship.

So it is time for any stigma surrounding the topic to be washed away. Because no, masturbation is not a means of ‘replacement’ or ‘dissatisfaction’ at all as a couple, and it is instead an irreplaceable form of self-love.

Masturbation allows you to learn yourself, an essential aspect of being comfortable during the most intimate of moments, and the act of doing so will help you to know exactly the sexual idiosyncrasies that you like best and that please you the most. Self-intimacy can be thanked for enhancing the overall mood of individuals so that everyone in the relationship is happier and less stressed out, and the positive effects of the impact of masturbation on romantic relationships span far into the aspects of both your sex life and your overall well being!

When in a relationship, however, masturbation must be acted upon with open conversation and in a healthy manner so that only the best is brought about by this special act.

Healthy Masturbation

Masturbation in Romantic Relationships

When in a relationship, your partner and yourself become a unit, but this doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed your own personal forms of space and time. The delicate thing about this then is that to provide means of healthy masturbation, you want to make sure the reasons you are masturbating are in line with the correct means of self-growth, as well as doing so with open communication on the subject.

If you are using masturbation as a form of release because you are not sexually satisfied with your partner, then this signal means time to talk! Never hide your inner feelings through masturbating, and use it as a tool to recognize the times of which more conversation around your sex life is needed.

Masturbating is healthy when you are already completely satisfied with your romantic intimacy, and when it is used as a means only for further self-discovery. This can be acted upon completely by yourself, and can also be done so with your partner through mutual masturbation!

Healthy masturbation is at its best when both partners know that the other is completely open to and also taking part in self-love, and when there has been established conversation on the subject to prevent any surprises or misconceptions.

Take time to talk about it and to learn more about one another and how you can use masturbation as a means to further enhance the health of your romantic relationship.

Self Discovery Through Masturbation

Masturbation in Romantic Relationships

By discovering a further understanding of the feelings and acts that provide you the most pleasure while alone in a sexual setting, you can then communicate this to your partner when together so that they can please you to the fullest extent.

This will allow for greater sexual pleasure on both ends of the relationship, and boost self-esteem as it always feels wonderful when you know you have completely satisfied the desires of your partner.

You know yourself best, and taking the time to uncover certain triggers within your sensuality will pay off greatly in your relationship, and this is oftentimes done by using an erotic sex toy.

When incorporating sex toys into your self-discovery, you then may realize that you also enjoy using them with your partner, unlocking several doors to more riveting bedroom fun. You may never know that the touch of a vibrator will shake you into an orgasm inspired bliss until you choose to play with it on your own!

And when you communicate this to your partner and then use this together, allowing him/her/they to take control of the toy, every aspect of sexual satisfaction will be fulfilled, resulting in the healthiest and happiest of romantic relationships.

Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation in Romantic Relationships

Mutual masturbation is one of the best ways to break down any barriers that prevent you from reaching the deepest forms of intimacy as a couple and can provide to your relationship a new and invigorating means of bedroom play.

Mutual masturbation involves the act of masturbating together while keeping one’s hands and pleasures completely to oneself. And the healthiest, most efficient, and of course the most beautiful way to come closer together is to do this while watching one another and while using only the highest quality of sex toys to appreciate the delicacy of this pleasure.

Oh, and for a little extra fun, a remote control toy that allows your partner to control the speed of vibration is a great way to take part in the discoveries and enjoyment that comes with self-play.

Mutual masturbation is not for everyone, but for the couples who enjoy exploring more intricate forms of intimacy, it is an excellent way to bring about newfound positives surrounding the healthy and eye-opening impact of masturbation on a romantic relationship.

Masturbation to meet Sex Drive

Masturbation in Romantic Relationships

The truth is we are all born different, and some of us maintain the innate attribute that we simply need sex more than others!

So when you love someone who does not match up with your rate of desire, then masturbation can be a great way to find release from the tight hold that this can otherwise create in your relationship.

By making this fact known to your partner, they will feel confident that you are open and aware of the delicacies of sexual pleasure, and that you can also navigate them in a controlled and mature way. This will increase their trust and will provide them comfort and to you a healthy means of satisfying your needs at the same time.

Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

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Let’s Talk Masturbation In Your Relationships

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