How To Have Clean Anal Sex

Fellow anal obsessed pervs, kinksters , and deviants, Having enjoyable anal sex does not come naturally for everyone. There are many human foibles which unfortunately can make it complicated and even unpleasant. Some of these are easy to overcome, such as anxiety about it being painful. While others can seem impossible to overcome, such as when dealing with Crohn’s or IBS.

How To Have Clean Anal Sex

But the one everyone ought to know, is how to keep a nice long anal scene, clean.

I will not penetrate a submissive’s backside until they have completed some basic anal training. Anal training is a simple procedure which teaches the submissive to understand the anatomy of their rectum, and learn to manipulate it. To explain it without going too much into the nitty gritty, here are the basics.

  • Lay on your side with your knees to your chest
  • Place the pad of the middle finger directly against the rectum
  • Squeeze the rectum as if you are holding back going to the bathroom
  • Feel the rectum tense against your finger and move inward
  • Push out gently and feel the rectum expand and push outward
  • This procedure is done slowly, 10 times to build muscle memory
  • Gently insert a lubed pinky finger into the rectum while controlling your desire to tighten or clench around it. Practice this until you are able to do so
  • Leave the finger inside briefly and then begin to withdraw the finger without clenching, practice this until successful
  • Finally execute the inward, hold and pullout at faster paces with larger objects until your mind and muscles have memorized this skill

Reassurance that there will be minimal, if any mess, during anal sex means doing the proper preparatory work. My partners and I use this procedure every time we intend to engage in long or heavy anal play. We do this because we video record most of our scenes, and a mess can be difficult to edit out, not to mention, unpleasant. However, this procedure goes a bit overboard for just an anal quickie or some rudimentary assplay.

How To Have Clean Anal Sex

In order to show the submissive(s) that I value their sacrifice, I join them in fasting for the specified duration. However, you should eat a small, plain, solid snack immediately before play to boost blood sugar.

  • Eat zero solid (sandwich/pasta) or semi solid (soup/shake) foods for 12 hours
  • Drink lots of liquids, the clearer the better. Coffee and tea are fine
  • After 10-12 hours use a stimulant (caffeine/nicotine) to help purge intestines
  • 2-4 hours before play, use an enema bag full of lukewarm diluted coffee
  • Lubricate the tip with coconut oil, flush 1 bag in, and out, repeat (bathtub)
  • Remain near the toilet to ensure you can go squirt out any liquid for an hour or two
  • An hour from the scene, insert an anal plug, 30 min later, clean it, and you with soap
  • Re-insert the clean plug into your clean ass, and commence anal play

If you have some time in transit between cleaning and when you and your partner will be playing, “Sphincterine” is a nice luxury scented wipe to use in the bathroom. Google it. If you are a real picky asshole, like me, you can dab some essence of vanilla on a cotton ball and pat it on your rectum to make it smell and taste delicious.

Make the first insertion slow and sensual for beginners and those who do not experience anal play often. Begin with regular kissing, touching, and foreplay. Then begin the anal foreplay with things such as analingus. Use gentle licks and kisses followed by soft massaging of the rear entrance with the tongue and fingers. Do not go straight into shoving your tongue into their asshole. Wine, dine, and 69 the pretty hole first. Do not forget about the main sex organ. Stimulate it as well, but with the hand which is not touching the rectum. When ready for the main event, place lube on the fingers, entrance, plugs, and then the phallus. Once the hole has acclimated to the tongue, fingers, and plug, the phallus can then be slowly and gently inserted. Let them give the signal to go deeper and harder. If you give them a good experience, they will beg for it again. If you give them a shitty one, well, you know…

How To Have Clean Anal Sex
Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

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How To Have Clean Anal Sex

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