If Your Sub Was A Dog

Perhaps your sub has a bit more in common with dogs than they would like to admit. They are eager to please, love belly rubs, and live to hear good girl/boy.

Upon pondering that the Bratpocalypse saw the unfortunate truth, they realized that some breeds are more recognisable than others.

So what dog are you!

St. Bernard

If Your Sub Was A Dog Let me save you from yourself. You need a safety call? Who needs a cupcake? Snugglepounce, I have snugglepounces to make you feel better. And I come with bourbon (not brandy)!


Look, look, look at me, watch me-I can do it, I can do all of it! And I’ll bring your house up to code while I’m doing it!

Shih Tzu

yip yip yip I’m so cute and pretty and subbie, but I’m really gonna do whatever I want. Now, pet me because I say so.


Look how pretty I am! I’m the prettiest, that’s why I’m on K&P all the time. Am I not gorgeous? Wait! Sparkly butt plug! And it totally matches my collar!

Chinese crested

Who needs clothes? I am so comfortable with myself… I’m perfectly happy being naked. (maybe that’s why I always have sex hair….)

German Shepard

Look at me sit. I take orders so well. Look how straight my back is. You’ll be the envy of the dungeon with me at your side. I’m the best protocol sub ever. Now, just tell me I’m a good girl.


I need a strong hand to smack my cute bottom. Because if you let me off the leash, I’ll chew through everything in your house

If Your Sub Was A Dog Afghan

Pull my hair. That’s right, pull it… Grip it hard. Hey hey hey-don’t mess it up!

Golden retriever

Nicest. Dog. Ever. I’m happy, I love you, and you, and everyone. I’ll let you pet my belly and be super sweet… Until you fuck with my family.


100% brat. You were trying to walk? Oops, I ran right through your feet and tripped you. What? You’re going to spank me with a newspaper? You mean this newspaper, that I just shredded? You’re not paying attention to me! bites ear then shakes ass in your face I need all the attention! bark bark yip yip yip


All serious-looking and puppy eyes while chewing up all your toys and hiding your shoes. from J3wel


Amazingly fun and effortlessly draws all the attention at any fetish gathering, but nobody really wants to live with her. Prone to destructive behaviour if left unattended and a master of escape. from DizziLeigh


But wait… I thought you liked heavy breathing? Of course I’d love to feed you ice cream. But can we share? Can we try pet play? I’ll be a stubborn little fucker and sit on you. Like a cat. from Faustian_Contact

Some Days you can’t decide what kind of bitch you want to be. And sometimes you have to own it-you’re just a fucking bitch.

Co-authored by the 3 subs of the Bratpocalypse: brazenprofessor, JLynnHoney, and FoundFeralKitten, and amended into the CBA (Collective Bratting Agreement, section 14.6, paragraph 9).



If Your Sub Was A Dog
Article Name
If Your Sub Was A Dog
Perhaps your sub has a bit more in common with dogs than they would like to admit. They are eager to please, love belly rubs, and live to hear good girl/boy.
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If Your Sub Was A Dog

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