The Creepiest Way To Store Loved one Who’s Died


Do you have a memento or a sentimental object that you’ve kept hold of to remember a loved family member who’s died? It’s probably not anywhere near as creepy as this, wouldn’t really think of this as a place for mum or dad but a wife or husband. Verity a friend of mine came across a designer Mark Sturkenboom who has created a special dildo in which you can store a person’s ashes – because sometimes you always want them to be a part of you.

Mark’s mastermind idea he calls the ‘memory box’ that contains the sex toy and also includes a slot for an iPhone so you can play some tunes. There’s also a bronze key that you can wear as a necklace as well as a scent diffuser to keep the whole package fresh.

Apparently, he got the idea for the unusual commemorative piece after getting to know an elderly widow.

I sometimes help an elderly lady with her groceries and she has an urn standing near the window with the remains of her husband. She always speaks with so much love about him but the jar he was in didn’t reflect that at all. In that same period I read an article about widows, taboos and sex and intimacy and then I thought to myself; can I combine these themes and make an object that is about love and missing and intimacy?

This forms the base for 21 Grams. The urn offers the possibility to conserve 21 grams of ashes of the deceased and displays an immortal desire. After a passing, the missing of intimacy with that person is only one aspect of the pain and grief.Mark Sturkenboom

Is there a stranger way to remember a loved one after they died? Maybe one day, people will be stuffed just like animals?

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The Creepiest Way To Store Loved one Who’s Died

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