The Shy Girl’s Guide to Public Bottoming

The Shy Girl's Guide to Public BottomingI (Ginger) am a shy girl.

I am also stubborn, opinionated and insecure. I hate small talk, I laugh too loudly, I worry about other people’s feelings, and, sometimes, I think that I know what people are thinking, about me.

(Of course I don’t actually know what they are thinking about me.)

Every once in a while, someone I trust needs a bottom for a demo or class.

~Shy Girl Tip #1~ It’s okay to pick and choose your tops very carefully.

It doesn’t make you less of a bottom, or less submissive. You’re about to jump off a cliff. In front of an audience. You have to know that someone is watching and waiting to catch you. I can’t know that, unless I know my top. This makes for fewer play opportunities for me, but I’ll take comfort and trust over quantity, any day.

I’m reserved. I have body issues. I vascillate between Don’t look at me, I’m Quasimodo, and Fuck it, I’m an imperfect earth mother goddess.

~Shy Girl Tip #2~ Your body is your body. Give yourself a break.

Fuck, this is a hard one for me. I tell myself that I don’t judge the stretch marks or jiggly bits on my friends (or strangers, for that matter), but somehow I don’t give myself the same care and acceptance. Be kind and gentle to yourself. I’m still working on this one.

I have a lot of self doubt. I like to be in control. In control of myself, in control of my environment, in control of who I let in. Bottoming to me is an intimate exchange. I’m not a service bottom. I’m not using my top. I’m reveling in the unique only-to-us, and intimate mutual exchange of ideas and movements and energy in thisspace, and at this time. If I’m not reveling, then it’s no good for anyone.

The Shy Girl's Guide to Public Bottoming

~Shy Girl Tip #3~ Be the best bottom YOU know how to be.

Be authentic, be honest. React, interact, and let your energy be part of the scene. That’s what makes a good bottom. It isn’t about how much you can take. It’s about what you can give.

I am not an expert at anything, except being me. I am always learning and growing. Shy girls need to stick together, and boost each other up. This is a short list, and additions are welcome! What Shy Girl Tips do you have?


The Shy Girl's Guide to Public Bottoming
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The Shy Girl's Guide to Public Bottoming
Shy Girl Tip's by Ginger as she gives a Guide to Public Bottoming, as Every once in a while, someone I trust needs a bottom for a demo or class.
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The Shy Girl’s Guide to Public Bottoming

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