Anal Anal Anal its all about Anal By Kat

Its all about Anal

So its that time you and your boyfriend are thinking about spicing up your love life or you just want to be more cultured in your sexual experiences. Nevertheless you’re considering losing your anal virginity is something that’s still pretty taboo for a lot of people so we don’t really speak of it. If your wanting a full training guide head over to our Anal training post by Holeposter

How is that Going To Fit

If you’re considering letting him storm the trenches, the mechanics of it just don’t allow for something to go in there? It’s not supposed to? Use LUBE! Lots of freaking lube to much is not an option.

Is it Going to Hurt Like A Mother?

Again, from my basic knowledge of the human body things are not supposed to be inserted in there.  Anal is not meant to hurt if it does STOP right away have a minute and try again.


Will I Shit Myself?

There’s no lady like way to say it. This is a genuine concern. No man should have to see my poop, especially one I’m having relations with. But when he is sticking his cock up you there is a chance he will have poop on his dick when he come out, your adults have some wet wipes to hand, or Douche first.

Anal Anal Anal


What Am I Getting Out of It?

As he’s bringing it up the rear, is there any source of enjoyment for me? Anal sex can be just as fun as traditional vaginal sex some women i know have cum for the first time while having a cock lodged in their bums



Do I Trust This Guy?

Is he going to go in there all guns blazing or will he do as I ask and take it slow? before starting up the stairs to the bedroom have a chat and make sure everyone knows whats going on guys get really excited and my start a little fast so let him know what you like!

Archer Anal


Will People Find Out

One drunken game of ‘never have I ever’ and the cat could be out of the bag. For some reason, if a girl is open about bum sex she’s known as a slut. You want this to remain between you and the guy. But you wont be alone honestly just check out this.



Am I Going to be a Tad Plugged Up Afterwards

Excuse the pun but am I going to be suffering for the foreseeable week. The phrase, ‘Couldn’t shit for a week’, was not coined after a bad kebab I tell you. the first poo afterwards is going to feel a little odd with the lube and Cum if you let him fill you up but everything gets back to normal very fast! You are not going to need Nappies.


Am I Supposed to Prepare?

Should I take up yoga? Get an enema? Avoid spicy food? Get stoned? What ever happened to good old missionary style? They didn’t teach us this in Sex Ed! and that’s where we come in search around on our blog and you will be an anal expert before you know it!


Anal, anal, anal
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Anal, anal, anal
Its that time you and your boyfriend are thinking about wanting to be more cultured in your sexual experiences so your about to lose your anal virginity
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Anal Anal Anal its all about Anal By Kat

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