Give her earth-shattering, full body orgasms

There are five tips below and if to apply them to your sex life they will help you become the amazing lover you want to be, giving her multiple, earth-shattering, full body orgasms.

Give her multiple, earth-shattering, full body orgasm


When she is with a man, a woman wants and needs to be able to surrender to him, and be feminine. In other words, she wants you to take the lead! Escort her to the bedroom. Take her hand and slide just where you want it.

Be adventurous, open, and honest, and she will do the same!


“Excite her mind, and her body will follow.”

Turn her on first with her imagination then get physical. Women do indeed love incredible, mind-blowing sex. On a higher  level, it means she’s capable of having orgasms without any physical stimulation whatsoever.

  • Talk dirty to her!
  • Send sexy texts
  • Role-play
  • Write erotic poems
  • look around for ideas (fetlife, Naughty stories)

It’s hot, sexy, and it turns her the hell on! Romance novels are the highest selling genre of fiction books. Hint at what you plan to do to her in bed. She’ll be thinking all day about how good she’s going to feel when she’s pinned down underneath them later that night


Don’t be worried about what she will say tomorrow or if she’s going to laugh at the size of your cock or belly, you won’t to be doing her or yourself any good, you need to be confident. So get out of your head and into your body. Believe you are going to be the best lover in the world and if you follow these 5 tips you will be.

Give her multiple, earth-shattering, full body orgasmTIP 4: WOMEN TAKE TIME TO GET IN THE MOOD  

“Keep building the anticipation until she can’t take it anymore. She’ll go mad!”

Men are usually ready to get it right away the sight, women on the other hand, need to be turned on its not simply flipping on like a light switch. If you think of that knob that controls the volume of your stereo and that’s a women. Tease her to please her, if you’re about to kiss her, go in for the kiss…slowly. My favorite is being kissed up my legs up toward my thighs painstakingly slow it drives me crazy! Remember, the anticipation of something is often better than actually getting it for both of us. A great lover knows when the time’s right, and when she’s ready to get things going practise and communication is key here you will learn what’s best!


Porn had been mainly made for men to get off to, and is focused on them. This is the least likely way to get her to orgasm. Make her pleasure your priority. I know that you will love seeing her face and hearing her voice when your making her feel this good. Think of new ways to bring her pure bliss and make her climax to new heights!

  • Take off her clothes first
  • Make her feel wanted, sexy, loved
  • Bring her to her first orgasm before getting your junk inside
  • Asking her what she wants, all the way through
  • Exploring positions (and places) she loves keep talking and looking

The only downside to these tips is that you will totally ruin it for the next guy, and she wont want to let you go!

Give her multiple, earth-shattering, full body orgasm
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Give her multiple, earth-shattering, full body orgasm
If you apply these tips to your sex life you will become the amazing lover you want to be, giving her multiple, earth-shattering, full body orgasms.
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Give her earth-shattering, full body orgasms

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