How to perform autocunnilingus

Since we published our popular guide for men on How to Suck Your Own Dick, i have been thinking about doing a similar guide for women on how to perform autocunnilingus.

e9112ac7c78e2d0ff147175eae10aad1.15Some people question whether it’s even physically possible for a woman to lick her own pussy, pointing at the lack of documentation. There are photos and videos on the internet that appear to show women performing on themselves orally, but the images may have been manipulated digitally or the camera angles rigged to create an illusion. However, based on performances by non-naked female contortionists, it looks like the position is achievable. So we believe women who are capable of autocunnilingus are out there, but most aren’t interested in doing it in front of a camera. Due to the limitations of the human body, autocunnilingus is going to be a very rare ability. A very small percentage of men can perform autofellatio, so the numbers for women are going to be even lower. But as long as you don’t push yourself too hard, there’s no harm in trying, and who knows, with practice and patience you may reach your goal.

As with autofellatio, we want to stress that it’s important to be cautious when attempting these postures. Take it slowly. Do not try it if you have any neck, spine, or back problems. Stop immediately if you feel pain.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Although it seems straightforward enough, autocunnilingus is quite a challenge and much more difficult than autofellatio. Women’s bodies tend to be more flexible than men’s, especially in the hip joints, which is one of the places you really need it. However, they have a further distance to bridge to reach their genitals than males do, and that’s what makes it so much harder.

Not every guy has a body type that will permit autofellatio, and the same is true of women. To start with, a high degree of natural flexibility is required. Did you do gymnastics in high school? Are you a yoga devotee? Then you’re in the ballpark. A small and lithe frame can also be an advantage, as well as a long neck and a long tongue. The size of your clitoris is not as much of an issue as penis length is for men. However, the positioning of it is, and the higher up your clit is on your pubis, the better your chances of making contact.

1557756-9-1344171141819Work With What You’ve Got

Even if you have the ideal body type, it’s unlikely you would be able to go down on yourself without some practice and training – a lot of stretching, done consistently over months or maybe years. Taking yoga classes is  highly recommended. And whatever your body type or attributes, there are some exercises you can do to improve your autocunnilingus attempts. Always warm your muscles up first by doing a little cardio or calisthenics, or take a hot bath or sauna prior to stretching.

To improve flexibility of the spine: 

Stand with feet apart. Bend over and reach through your legs, stretching as far back as you can.
Kneel on all fours. Drop your belly and arch your back downward while raising your head and looking up toward the ceiling. Then pull your stomach up and round your back while lowering your head and looking at your navel.

To improve flexibility of the neck: 

Lower your chin to your chest. Lace your fingers behind your head and slowly and gently pull down, pulling your chin closer to your body. Stop if you feel pain.

To stretch the hamstrings: 

Stand or sit on the floor, keeping your legs straight, and bend your torso forward, reaching toward the floor. You can also do this with legs in a wide stance.

Sit with your legs spread wide. Reach for your toes on one side, then the other, then lean forward toward the center.
Advanced – Doing the splits will also stretch the hamstrings as well as hip muscles.

To improve flexibility of the hips: 

Lay on your back with one leg straight. Bend your other leg and pull your knee to your chest. Grasp your ankle and knee and pull your bent leg toward your shoulder. You can also do this in a seated position (the Cradle pose in yoga).

Sit in a chair, cross one leg over the other, resting your ankle on your knee. Lean your torso forward.
Advanced – Put your foot/leg behind your head.

To lengthen the tongue: 

We’re not sure this actually works, but it’s worth trying. Stick your tongue out as far as you can. Try to touch your chin and your nose with the tip. Hold your extended tongue and massage it, while pulling on it to stretch it out.

Eyes on the Prize

When you are ready to attempt autocunnilingus, make sure you have already stretched out thoroughly. Lay on your back, on an exercise mat or carpeted surface. In order to take pressure off your neck vertebrae, you can place a couple of folded blankets or thick folded towels on the mat. Lay so that your upper back is on the blankets and the tops of your shoulders are aligned with the edge, with your head resting on the mat. Raise your legs and rock backward. Use your hands on your hips to push your legs up and over your head. Spread your legs about shoulder width and reach your arms up between your legs. Get your elbows behind your knees and use your arms to hold your legs down as you bring your face and pussy closer together. Stretch your neck upward while pulling your hips down.

If you are very limber in the hips and able to do a straddle split (or side split) you can get in the legs-over-head position and try spreading your extended legs to either side. Pull down gently on your legs if gravity and body weight isn’t enough to close the gap.

The X Position

If you can put your feet behind your head you can try the “X” position (in yoga, this is called the Sleeping Yogi pose). Lie on the floor and raise your legs, crossing your ankles and locking your feet together. Reach through your legs as you lower them toward your body. Pull your legs down toward the floor and push your locked ankles over and behind your head. Position your shoulders in the crooks of your knees. Bend your head and neck forward while using your hands to pull your butt toward you.

Will My Boobs Get in the Way?

Your breasts should not get in the way unless they are larger than a C cup. But then, if you have really large breasts, you can probably lick your own nipples, which is at least some compensation. Likewise, you don’t necessarily have to be a twig, but a large tummy will be an obstruction and will prevent you from being able to close the distance between your mouth and pubic area. It would also be best to have an empty stomach while trying to lick yourself, since the less you have in your middle, the easier it will be to fold yourself in half.

Should I Shave for Autocunnilingus?

You don’t need to while you’re practicing. In fact, having longer pubic hair may be a good thing, since it gives you a more reachable goal. If you are able to make contact with your muff, you’ll know you’re making real progress and it may give you encouragement to keep trying. However, once your clit is truly in range of your tongue, we suggest shaving. You will probably only be able to flick your clit lightly with the tip of your tongue, and hair would get in the way and decrease sensations.

Autocunnilingus Can My Boyfriend Help?

If your boyfriend wants to cheer you on, great. He can also assist with stretches by helping you stabilize your body and offering gentle pressure in the direction of the stretch. When you are actually attempting autocunnilingus, he can help you get into position, but should not help by trying to push your pussy down toward your face. This would put a lot of stress on your spine and could cause serious injury.

Easy Does It

The postures required for autocunnilingus are extreme and can put a lot of strain on the neck and back, so be cautious. Don’t force anything, and don’t attempt these exercises if you have a neck or back injury. Always stretch thoroughly before attempting to go down on yourself. And don’t be discouraged at first. Success may take months or years. With a lot of practice and stretching, you may be able to develop this rare talent, and you’ll at least become much more limber.

How to perform autocunnilingus
Article Name
How to perform autocunnilingus
Due to the limitations of the human body, autocunnilingus is going to be a very rare ability. A very small percentage of men can perform autofellatio, so the numbers for women are going to be even lower.
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How to perform autocunnilingus

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