8 Romantic Date Ideas on a Budget

Mens_Grey_Monopoly_Skint_T_Shirt_hi_resWith the 4 day weekend upon us and money still being tight here are 8 really solid and romantic date ideas for any of you who don’t have deep pockets. You’ve got a little money and want to make a big impression. Totally. These ideas are going to get you there, all it takes on your part is some charm, planning and finesse (which are free). Let’s begin.

1. Road Trip!

Just about everybody loves a road trip as long as they trust you and aren’t too conservative, or have scheduling conflicts. Anyways, the goal here is to take them somewhere that’s close enough to feel safe, but far enough away to feel like an adventure. In reality you don’t need anything but gas money. However, if there’s public transit where you’re going a bus ride can be fun and presents plenty of opportunity for conversation.

Make sure you take them somewhere they have not been before. Ideally. But, it would be just as cool to head to a remote and popular hot spot where there will be plenty of other people out and about and having fun. To make a big impression you need to create a sensual memory of movement, adventure, excitement, curiosity and FUN!

2. A Personalized Dinner & a Movie

No, we’re not talking about a table for two at a nearby restaurant and then the local theater for two. That’s so outdated! And, let’s be honest, the movie theaters these days are so expensive it’s crazy. Instead, plan out a really tasty home cooked meal you can make together. It doesn’t have to be nuts. There’s no rules. Whatever sounds really good that will put a smile on your faces and make for good conversation.

Then you can watch a movie for free using a computer silly. The screen won’t be so big and it’ll just be the two of you without all the buttery popcorn getting in the way (unless that’s what you decide to cook!).

3. It’s Time to Dance

Seriously, take them to a dancing class. Yes, it can be freaky for non-dancers. But you’ll be braving it together and it’s cheap (oftentimes free). It gets the blood pumping, puts you in close contact and if all goes well it will be unforgettable. It can be any type: hip hop, salsa, ballroom, etc. You never know, it could become a thing and you might be one of those couples who dance together.

couple-on-smartphones-in-bed4. Workout & some Pamper

Working out and exercising can be completely free. Get outside. Go on a hike or jog. Sure, head to the gym and get them in free with a guest pass. Or, the college gym is probably free for you because a fee is typically included in tuition.

Don’t get super sweaty, but don’t be afraid of it either. Just have some clothes to change into and make sure they have some as well. Afterwards if you can afford it take them to a spa, regardless of whether it’s a guy or girl. EVERYONE loves a massage whether they want to admit it or not. It’s completely refreshing and rejuvenating and they’ll feel amazing after the day with you.

5. Bird Watching Anyone?

All you need is the ability to get to where the birds are and a pair of binoculars. When was the last time someone asked you to go bird watching? It sounds corny, but for the right person it could be a real adventure. You can outside, get to walk around in nature together, spot birds and learn about them. Why not? Open-minded people will jump at the opportunity if it’s something they’ve never done before.

6. Comedy or Improv

If you can get your date laughing (in a good way of course) then there’s a 99% chance it will be a successful experience for both of you. That’s a fact. And the good news is that there’s always comedy events taking place on and off campus. And, they’re not expensive. For a drink or two and a seat at a comedy show you’re not looking at much. It can get expensive if you want dinner, drinks, dessert, a table in front, etc.

Improv is also really fun and interesting as well. Make sure you don’t set it up so that you part ways directly after the show. There’s should be some time to chat about your favorite parts or jokes and continue laughing together.

7. An Oddball Course

Cooking, dancing, DJ class, painting, basket weaving, etc. You get the idea. Nothing over the top or too mentally draining. Something fun, interesting, unforgettable and spontaneous would be ideal.

8. Bucket List Item

We’ll keep this short because it’s simple. Ask them about their bucket list casually, and if there’s anything on there that you can afford and that’s plausible, then do it!


8 Romantic Date Ideas on a Budget
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8 Romantic Date Ideas on a Budget
With the 4 day weekend upon us and money still being tight here are 8 really solid and romantic date ideas for any of you who don’t have deep pockets.
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8 Romantic Date Ideas on a Budget

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