Sammi & I: The Birth of a Cuckold, Part 1

CuckoldMy ex-wife, Sammi, was amazingly beautiful and just absolutely hot. Every man on the planet loved her, and she loved them. She was one quarter Indian with long, dark, silky hair that hung to the base of her amazingly, beautiful ass. Standing between five foot four to five inches tall, she had a magnificent body with a perfect hour glass shape and perfect and magnificent tits; bra size: 38 D. Imagine the hottest female Native American that you can imagine. The big plus was that she absolutely loved to party and fuck like a raw animal. Although loving and caring, she was a very proud slut.

Since we didn’t have any children, all we did was work, party at home, and fuck. I was in the military and she worked as a receptionist at the local hospital. We didn’t make a lot of money, so we didn’t go out and party much at the local clubs or bar scene; and, we would mostly just get wasted at home in our shit trailer. We were definitely alcoholics and drank about a 12 pack a night; we smoked a half ounce to an ounce of pot every two weeks; and, we dropped acid almost every weekend. Our minds were altered regularly.

New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day when I was 19 years old was one strange yet hot evening and morning of partying and sex. On this New Year’s Eve, we bought a fifth of Jack Daniels, a 12 pack of beer, a bag of pot, and 4 hits of blotter acid. It was just the two of us to break in the New Year in an intoxicated and sexy state.

We were high on pot 99.9% of the time so we were already high when we started partying. We dropped two hits of blotter acid each, smoked some more pot, and began drinking Jack with beer chasers, or beer with Jack chasers; I suppose that depends upon your point of view.

We put on some music, the Hell Bent for Leather album by Judas Priest, to be exact. By the time Evil Fantasies came on (the last song on the first side of the vinyl), she and I were in massive fucking mode on the couch. I had her knees back to her ears and I was slamming my 7.5” cock into her until we both massively came at the same time.

Sex while on acid was the most amazing sexual experience. It is like actually living out one’s most erotic fantasy, especially with such erotic music in the background.

Not long after we finished — in fact my dick was still dripping with cum — we heard a knock at the door. We were surprised because we really didn’t have many friends and the friends we had were out of town (or so we thought), so we were looking forward to this night alone. But, we quickly got dressed and I answered the door. There were two guys from my unit who I worked with on base, named Harry and Tom, and a young woman, named Teresa — who I had previously fucked — who was now the girlfriend of one of the guys. This is where things begin to get a little foggy because by then I was pretty wasted.

I remember that all 5 of us left our place and went to theirs (the three lived together). The next thing I remember is coming to with me, my wife, and Harry in my bed at my place. I must have gotten so messed up that I blacked out, which I did quite a bit in that time period.

When I came to, Harry was on top of Sammi, with her legs up high and spread as wide as she could, fucking her to tears. I was lying next to them naked and on my stomach, licking and kissing her arm and rubbing his balls while he fucked her. He was slamming it to her, and she loved every minute of it. Both of them were panting and she would pant loudly with each thrust.

Harry was about 5’ 7” tall. I’m not good with judging weight, but he was a hefty man. He wasn’t well built, like someone who worked out a lot, but he wasn’t fat either. He was meaty, however. He was also a fairly dark complected and moderately hairy white man with dark hair. He was definitely all man; very macho. Not exceptionally good looking, but not ugly either. He did, however, have a sexual energy about him that was rather magnetic.

He was talking dirty to Sammi saying, “Do you like that?”

“I fucking love it,” she responded.

“Do you want me to stop fucking you?” He asked.

“OH Fuck no, baby, please don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” she begged.

Like a reward, he would ram it to her even harder just for her to respond with “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Fuck me, baby” with each thrust.

I don’t know why I did not have a problem with what was happening at this point. I have never done anything like this, and I wouldn’t have considered it. I was a rather jealous and possessive man at this time of my life. I thought about it for a second and then let it go. I just continued to enjoy the scene.

His arms were wrapped up under her shoulders. Her right arm was stretched out and being consumed by me. Her upper body was lying there in complete submission, being fully consumed by him.

I don’t know how long we had been at it, but, with a manly grunt, he finally came really hard inside of my wife and he grinded his cock inside of her, growling, while I rubbed his balls. After he got off of her, I buried my face between her legs and lapped up some of the juices and ate her pussy. When I looked up to see what was happening, he was kneeling next to her head and I got the first glimpse of his cock. It wasn’t very long, maybe 6.5”, but it was fat from base to tip and glistening with their juices. She just reached up, grabbed it, and wrapped her lips around it sucking their juices off of it. That was looking way too hot to me so I raised up, shoved my hard dick inside of her drenched pussy and licked his cock with her while I fucked her.

I don’t know if he was actually into other guys but he wasn’t moving away or complaining while I was licking his cock with Sammi. In fact, he grabbed the back of both of our heads at one point and pressed them closer together so he could fuck us both between our lips. I just couldn’t believe that he was still as hard as a rock after the load that he just blew inside of my wife.

After a while, he said to her, “Why don’t you come over here and suck his cock?” He demanded, actually. But, I followed his lead too.

So, I got off of her, rolled on my back, and she got on all fours in front of me, between my legs, and started sucking my dick. He got behind her and started licking and finger fucking her pussy, which really got her worked up even more. Then he positioned himself behind her and shoved his cock into her again. It was so good to her that she couldn’t safely continue to suck my dick without biting it off.

“OH FUCK!” She screamed, as he grabbed her hips and started slamming his big fat cock into her again.

“You like that cock, don’t ya?” He asked.

“Fuck yeah. I fucking love it, baby. I fucking love it.”

He was fucking her so good she couldn’t even hold on to my dick any longer. She just fell across my lap with her ass up in the air letting him pound her pussy from behind, until he blew another load inside of her. The rest of her just fell on the bed spent afterwards.

When he pulled out, I could hear his wet cock slap against his belly. I could see how dripping wet it was and I wanted to suck it real bad.

Watching his wet cock, I grabbed my own and began beating off. He demanded Sammi, “Get up there and ride his cock.”

Without any hesitation Sammi did exactly what he said. She climbed up on top of me and began riding my cock. It was like she got a second wind upon his command. It was too weird but I still did not have a problem with anything that was going on.

With my hand firmly squeezing her ass, she was riding and grinding herself on my cock. I could feel his cum running down my balls and down the crack of my ass. It felt incredible.

I then reached up and grabbed her tits and began sucking on her left tit. He grabbed her by the hair on the back of the head and began talking dirty to her some more.

“Are you having fun, baby?”

“Fuck yeah. This is awesome,” she responded. “I want your cock in my mouth. Please feed me your cock?” She begged.

Grabbing his still hard and soaked cock with one hand, and holding her head back with the other, he stuck his fat dick up near her face. “Is this what you want?” He asked teasing her.

“Yeah,” she muttered with her mouth fully open. “Please feed it to me. Please let me suck it. Oh please, baby,” she pleaded.

With my cock in her pussy, my hand squeezing her ass, my mouth sucking her tit, and his fat cock now in her mouth (how could he still be so fucking hard, I wondered), I knew she was about to cum on my cock. So, knowing my wife like I did, I fucked her and guided her hips to hit the spots that I knew would do it; and, sure enough, she came and she came hard, and I was right behind her.

I don’t know if she finished him off again or not. I do not remember. I fell asleep.

The next thing I remember is being awaken my some motion going on behind me. It was morning and the dim light of the dreary, cold, winter day was trying to glare into the bedroom window.

Out of curiosity, I rolled over to see what was happening, and Harry and Sammi were making out. They were French kissing and he was rubbing her hot ass.

So, without even thinking, I scooted into the action to get involved. I spread her legs apart from behind her to rub and finger her pussy, but she ended up just wrapping her leg around him. To my surprise, though, he reached down, grabbed my hand, and stopped kissing my wife long enough to say, “Go ahead and play with my cock if you want,” and went back to making out with my wife.

And again without thinking, I asked, “Can I suck it?”

He moaned in the positive without taking his lips away from the lips of my wife. So, I moved down and sucked his fat cock. It felt great in my mouth; warm, hard, throbbing, and smooth. The position that we were in was a bit weird. They didn’t move when I started going down on him so I was wearing Sammi’s pussy as a hat. And, she was so turned on by what was happening, she was rubbing her pussy on the top of my head. But, it was pretty cool. I felt a sense of rightness while pleasuring them both.

Then he suddenly pulled out of my mouth and Sammi climbed on top of him. I reached up and guided his cock inside of her. She began riding his cock like it was the greatest fuck she ever had; maybe it was. After watching his cock spread her pussy lips apart and slide in and out of her a few times, I crawled up and sat on the pillow next to his head. With my hard cock in hand, I said, “Lean down here and suck me.”

It was as if she didn’t even hear me. She just kept bouncing on his cock and moaning loudly, completely ignoring me.

He said, “Go ahead and suck him.” And, she did without hesitation.
I knew, at the moment, Sammi was his. She was not my wife any longer; she was his willing play thing. I was beginning to feel humiliated, but still turned on.

She was jacking and sucking me while she gyrated her hips on his cock. He was holding her ass in place and bucking himself back up inside of her. The three of us were moaning so loud, there was no doubt in my mind that we woke up the guy in the trailer next door (the bedrooms of the two trailers were abutting one another).

Finally, all three of us came at the same time. I blew my load in her mouth and she swallowed most of it. He blew his load inside of her and she blew all over his cock.

“That was good,” he said holding on to Sammi’s hips grinding into her, as she rose to sit straight up.

“Fuck yeah, it was,” she said sensually brushing back her long, silky black hair.
Beginning to feel really humiliated, I said, “Why don’t we all get dressed and go have some breakfast?”

So, that is what we did. All three of us slowly crawled out of bed, put on our clothes, and went to the kitchen. Harry and I went into the living room while Sammi cooked breakfast.

“So, have you been bi your whole life, or what,” Harry asked me.

“That is the first time I have ever done anything like that.” I responded.

“Really?” He asked surprisingly.

“Seriously,” I fibbed. I have never been involved in a threesome like that but I have been with other guys.

“Well, I had a great time,” he said getting up and going into the adjoining kitchen. He walked straight to Sammi, grabbed her, and began making out with her. I was getting really humiliated now because she accepted it. Not only did she accept it, she liked it. Now I was getting jealous.

“All right you two,” I said. “Let’s just get breakfast done.” So he stopped, but she moaned with pleasure at his touch and kisses. That bothered me.

We finished eating breakfast and we were just relaxing. My wife and I were sitting on the couch together and he was sitting in the chair across from us. He asked her if she enjoyed herself, and she responded in the positive.

“Well, hey Harry, I think it is time for you to go,” I said demandingly.

“Not until I fuck her one more time,” he responded standing up and walking over to Sammi.

“No,” I said but it didn’t matter. He was leaning in front of Sammi pulling her shorts off and she was being highly receptive. She leaned back so he could take her shorts off easier and spread her legs once they were off. He stood up and dropped his pants. He put her legs over his shoulders and shoved his fat cock inside of her, and fucked her one more time.

As before, he talked dirty to her.

“You love this, don’t ya?” he asked her rhetorically.

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck my pussy, baby.”

“Tell him. Tell him (meaning me) how much you like it,” he commanded her.

She turned her head towards me and said, “I love the way he fucks me, baby. Please don’t make him stop. His fat cock feels so fucking good inside of me,” she said to me as she was being fucked. She then turned her head back to him, “Fuck me harder. Harder.”

He obliged. While he fucked her, he pulled her shirt off exposing her awesome breasts. She got frustrated while he was trying to take off her shirt because it was taking away from him pounding her so she pulled it off and through it across the room, and wrapped her arms around him the best she could considering her legs were resting on his shoulders.

“Now, just fuck the shit out of me,” she demanded.

There I sat totally humiliated, yet turned on. I could feel my dick getting hard again. I didn’t know what to do. I was conflicted by what was happening. My brain wanted them to stop but my cock didn’t. My intelligence hated what was happening but my horny side was loving it.

Finally, he pulled out, stood over her, jacked off, and came all over her body. As the cum was plopping on her, she arched her back, moaned in pleasure and rubbed it all over herself. When done, he simply put his pants on and left without saying a word. She just laid there spent in pleasure, watching him as he left.

Sammi was just slouching naked on the couch. I was sitting in the middle of the couch and she was to my left. Her beautiful tanned torso was shining with Harry’s fresh cum that she rubbed into her body like a fine body lotion. Although part Native American, she looked like a sensual and shiny Egyptian queen.

“Please don’t be angry, baby,” she kindly said as she placed her loving hand on my left arm.

My anger actually quickly subsided but I was confused about how to act. Shouldn’t I be mad? After all, my wife just got fucked numerous times by another man, and she loved it. All I knew and experienced was monogamy. In addition, she did everything he said, and she didn’t do anything that I asked. However, I wasn’t angry but I felt like I was supposed to be. So, my brain quickly tried to think of something to say.

“But, you didn’t pay any attention to me. You put all of your attention on him,” I complained passionately.

“Honey, I’m sorry,” she said sincerely. “I have never done anything like that before either. It just happened, and you have to admit, you were having a good time. Plus, his big, fat cock was fucking great.”

“Better than mine?” I asked coyly, starting to get a little excited, especially after she said that his cock was great.

Rubbing my arm lovingly, she replied flirtatiously, “Well, you are longer and go much deeper, which you know I like.”

“Yeah?” I said coyly, wanting to hear more, and as I felt my cock getting hard again.

“Oh yeah,” she responded taking her hand off of my arm and sensually putting it to her leg. She too was getting, or still, obviously horny.

“Why don’t you tell me about what happened at their house last night,” I said teasingly, and as I went for her incredible tits.

As I nibbled on her nipples, she began telling me the whole story. “After all but about ten people left, we were all just sitting around talking. You and I were sitting on the floor facing the couch and Harry and others were sitting on the couch. I don’t remember how it started but you and Harry began arguing about who had the bigger dick. When Harry said, ‘you may have the longer dick, but I guarantee that I have the thicker dick,’ you told him to prove it. So, he stood up, pulled his pants off, and exposed his big, fat, hard cock.”

“Uh huh,” I mumbled leaning into her, sucking on her right tit, and fondling her left tit, getting ready to move my right hand down to her pussy.

“We all just stared at his dick like ‘holy shit,’ and you said, ‘alrighty then, you do have the thicker cock.’ You then just blurted out that you would love to see me ride his cock, and he said that I was more than welcome.

“So, as I walked over to him he sat back down onto the couch. I leaned over the side and sucked his cock for a while. Some of the people were like ‘WOW’ and others were like ‘OH MAN.’ Then he told me to ‘come here’ so I took off my jeans and panties and sat on his cock.”

Standing up to remove my jeans, I said, “And? How did it feel?”

“It felt magnificent,” she responded as I removed my clothes, and then kneeling between her legs preparing to eat her pussy. As I began to kneel, she started to rub her pussy. “His cock spread my pussy apart and filled me like I have never been filled before. He grabbed my ass and I rode that fat cock. Oh yeah,” she added beginning to squirm in her seat.

I placed my hands underneath her thighs, slightly lifted her legs, and buried my face in her now soaked pussy. “Oh, fuck yeah,” she moaned moving her hand away from her pussy. Looking up her still shiny torso, I could see that she was now rubbing her tits and the look of sensual pleasure on her face. She was lost in her own erotic thoughts, picturing the events of the previous evening.

With her, I knew to not go directly for the clit when I was eating her out. I would tease it with my nose, or a light blow of air, or just with a quick flick of the tongue. But, she loved the build up, so when I would eat her out, I would start with some deep tongue penetration and using my tongue to play with her inner walls.

I could tell that she was ready for a little tease. I decided to use a little warm air. From underneath, I spread her pussy lips apart with my thumbs, and then in my naturally deep, teasing voice, I said, “Tell me more,” into her clit like it was a microphone. However, I said it exhaling as if I was warming up a cold pair of hands. The combination of the warmth of my breath and the vibration of my voice made her slightly quiver.

Babbling now as if she were speaking in tongues from a dream, “I rode that incredible, fat cock. His hands squeezed my ass. God, he fucked me so good. I rode that cock until I came twice. Oh God, it felt so good.”

She was now gyrating her pussy into my face and panting heavily. I knew it was time to concentrate my mouth and tongue on her clit, as she continued.

“Fuck yeah. He shoved that fat cock as deep as he could. God, he fucked me so good. God, he fucked me so good. Then, he finally blew a big, hot fucking load inside of me. Oh my God, it was so good. Fuck, it was good. Fuck it was good.”

I could tell she was getting ready to cum on my face. She was repeating herself incoherently. So, I stiffened my tongue and pressed it into her clit, licking it at just the degree of pressure that she liked. She began gyrating her hips faster, and squeezing her tits harder, putting both nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezing. The look of ecstasy on her face was incredible.

“Oh fuck, baby,” she moaned. “Fuck, I loved it. Fuck, I loved it. Oh fuck, yeah!” She screamed, cumming on my face.

As I helped her grind her pussy into my face, my mind was flashing between the scenes that I did remember seeing and the scene that she described that I still couldn’t remember. At least I had a good mental image to consider.

With my face moistened with her juices, I moved up, took her by the back of the neck, lifted her upper body up slightly, and planted my wet lips on to hers and shoved my hard, throbbing cock into her simultaneously. She moaned and I shoved it into her even further. She was hot and soaked. And, even though she had that fat cock inside of her more than a few times, her pussy still felt tight around my dick.

“Does that feel good, baby?” I asked arching over her and slamming my cock into her.

“Fuck yeah,” she responded grabbing my ass and forcing me into her even deeper.

I knew how she liked it when she wanted it deep. So, I lifted her up off the couch and gently laid her onto the carpet without taking myself out of her. I was 19 then, after all. I doubt that I could do that today.

She simultaneously pulled her legs back and spread them as far as she could. The image of her in this position with Harry when I came-to came to mind. I moved my arms so that she could rest her legs on my arm, and I began pounding my cock into her. She reached up and grabbed my ass forcing me in even further.

“Oh fuck. Goddamn. Fuck,” she repeated, panting as I fucked her hard. Sometimes she liked it slow and easy, and sometimes she liked it hard and fast. This was one of those hard and fast moments.

“Fuck me harder, you little bitch,” she demanded.

I was startled. Where in the fuck did that come from, I wondered. She had never spoken to me like that before, but I have to admit that it excited me a little. So, I did as ordered and I fucked her as hard as I possibly could. Right at that moment, I became concentrated on only her pleasure; her pleasure was all that mattered.

Sammi leaned up some, grabbed her ass cheeks, looked to watch my cock pounding into her for a moment, and then she looked at me with a look I have never seen before on her. She looked at me as if she had just became possessed, and said with a sense of evil, “Goddamn it, I told you to fuck me, you little fucking bitch, now fuck me.” At that moment, I learned something new about myself; among everything else, I was also becoming a cuckold.

To be continued . . .

© 2014 Z of Spades

Sammi & I: The Birth of a Cuckold, Part 1
Article Name
Sammi & I: The Birth of a Cuckold, Part 1
My ex-wife, Sammi, was amazingly beautiful and just absolutely hot. Every man on the planet loved her, and she loved them.
Jon The Nudist
Z of Spades

Z of Spades

Z of Spades is a sensually submissive, peace-loving, pansexual, alpha male, and eroticism is his religion. Z lives and works in central Illinois, and the world is his playground. Z's a writer and a single father in the vanilla world, he holds two degrees in legal studies, and is currently working on a degree in physics. He loves to travel, meditate, meet new people, have new experiences, explore the world and his inner self, and stay in what he calls a constant erotic state of mind. His writing of erotic stories and poetry, all the beauty and sensuality in the universe, and his submission help maintain that erotic state of being for him. Finally, Z is looking forward to retiring soon and to use that time writing while traveling.

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Sammi & I: The Birth of a Cuckold, Part 1

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