Jon The Nudists Guide To The YouOnlyWetter Vibrators

YouOnlyWetter offers a massive range of vibrators in multiple shapes, colours, textures and sizes. It can be difficult picking the best vibrator for you and that is why YouOnlyWetter has produced a detailed vibe guide to help you make the right decision to ensure you get the most from our products.

YouOnlyWetter will show you the difference between a rabbit and a bullet vibrator, we want you to pick the perfect product to enhance your sex and masturbation.

Bullets and Eggsn8791-rocks_off_ro80mm_flower_power_bullet-500x500

Bullets is ideal for couples and a great choice if you haven’t purchased a vibrator before. Their size means you can be precise and it also makes them very easy to use. They are great for use during in penetrative sex because of their size and they won’t get in the way of either partner. They are usually around 3 inches in length and take small LR44 batteries. They are also available in rechargeable options such at the Odeco Eros 6 Speed Leaf Vibe Bullet Vibrators are perfect for clitoral stimulation which makes them one of the most popular vibrators in the market. Our love eggs come in a range of sizes and colours. They are have an internal vibrating motor and are designed to be inserted and adjusted via a remote control or wire. They are inserted against the G-spot for discrete simulation of the most sensitive part of the vagina.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Rocks Off RO 80mm Flower Power Bullet

Butterfly Vibrators

Butterfly vibrators are an amazing hands free vibrator which you can wear like you would a pair of knickers. They directly pleasure the clitoris with the butterfly shape stimulator. They are great for use during sex with your partner or during masturbation. Some vibrators are come with an additional shaft to offer internal and external stimulation at the same time.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Micro Wireless Venus Butterfly Stimulator

Classic Vibratorsoui_fifi_rechargeable_vibrator

The classic vibrator is designed for direct clitoral stimulation, they are usually designed in a phallic shape and are great for insertion. They come in a range of sizes and colours, often with a control panel which allows you to set your vibrators speed. They are fantastic value for money and are great if you want to experiment and haven’t used a vibrator before.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Oui Fifi Rechargeable Vibrator

Clitoral Cibrators

These vibrators specialise in stimulating the clitoris without penetration. They are fantastic for grinding against and come in a range of different shapes. At their tip they have a cup which surrounds the clitoris for maximum satisfaction. Their size varies but they are usually slightly bigger than Bullets and require larger batteries giving them increased power and stimulation.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Double Prong Clitoral Vibrator

bendable_double_dongDouble Ended

These come as two types vibrators and non vibrating but they both offer the chance for you and your partner to share this amazing experience. They are great fun to share or experiment with a partner.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Bendable Double Dong

Finger Vibrators

If you want incredible accurate stimulation at your finger tips then finger vibrators are what you need. They can be worn by you or your partner. They simply slip over the end of your finger for masturbation or to enhance sex with your partner. These can be a great alternative to bullet vibrators as they wont slip out of your hands when using lubricant.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Flirt Finger Triple Ripple Silicone Pink

Glass Dildos

These are a relatively new product recently launched in to the adult toy market. They are often hollow with a vibrating motor inserted inside, the glass finish allows you to experiment with different temperatures, some people like to warm the glass in water first and others like the feel of the toy after its been cooled in the fridge. They come in various shapes and sizes.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Icicles Blue Spiral Glass Penis Dildo No 9

G-Spot Vibratorseva_extreme_vibrating_action_7_function_massager

These vibrators are designed to directly stimulate the most sensitive part of the vagina. The curved shape allows them to hit the G-spot giving maximum stimulation. Stimulating the G-spot has been linked with female ejaculation and squirting, making this sex toy a great choice for experimenting either on your own or with your partner.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: E.V.A. Extreme Vibrating Action 7 Function Massager

Jelly Vibrators

These great value for money vibrators come in a range of shapes and sizes. The jelly rubber makes them a really popular choice as they are easy to clean and come in bright attractive colours. The soft rubber feels great and gives an amazing sensation. Jelly Vibrators often much cheaper than other vibrators.
YouOnlyWetter  Recommends:Crystal Ice Big Boss

Luxury Vibrators

Why not splash out on a premium quality vibrator made from the best materials using the latest sex toy technology. They feel absolutely incredible and also look amazing. Many people start off with a Bullet or G-Spot vibrator and then upgrade to something more luxurious. If you’re looking for the ultimate in quality and sensation then we would recommend trying a luxury vibrator. They are built to last with a built in rechargeable battery meaning you no longer have to keep buying replacement batteries. These vibrators come highly recommended.
YouOnlyWetter  Recommends: LELO Elise 2 Plum Rechargeable Vibrator

n8803-toyko_design_shinko_massage_wand-3-500x500Magic Wand Vibrators

Originally designed for back massage, these vibrators work amazingly as clitoral stimulators. Their vibrations can be really powerful, delivering an intensely satisfying experience. They are often powered by the mains giving them superior power, however this does limit where you can use the toy. New wireless versions have been developed powered by C batteries.
YouOnlyWetter  Recommends: Tokyo Design SHINKO Love Wand

Mains and Rechargeable Vibrators

If you want a vibrator which has superior power at an affordable price, mains and rechargeable vibrators come highly recommended. You will no longer need to buy replacement batteries to keep this vibrator going.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Topco Mains Magic Massager

Massage Vibrators

These vibrators are ideal couples looking to give erotic massage and stimulation. They are great if you have any aches and pains, or if you want to spice things up they have various textures for enhanced pleasure and stimulation.
YouOnlyWetter  Recommends: Fun Factory Layaspot Massager

Mini Vibratorsn6492-mini_iscream_vibrator-4

Small and compact, these vibrators are a great choice if you are looking to buy your first vibrator. They offer pinpoint accurate stimulation and light penetration. Ideal for experimenting during masturbation or with a partner.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Velvet Kiss Mini iScream Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrators

Possibly the most famous of all vibrators, the rabbit vibrator offers is all. They come in numerous shapes and sizes with the legendry rabbit design. The rabbit vibrator offers simultaneous stimulation via the clitoral stimulator which branches away from the shaft. Some shafts will rotate or move from side to side for enhanced penetration. The design allow you to lie back and enjoy the sensation of one of the most highly recommended vibrators in the market.
YouOnlyWetter  Recommends:  Jessica Rabbit Onyx

Realistic Dildo Vibrators

If you are a fan of ultra realistic vibrators then these are for you. They are designed to resemble a man’s penis, available in a huge array of sizes and colours to suit all tastes. A vibrating motor is added to the centre of the toy which results in an ultra pleasurable vibrating penis.
YouOnlyWetter  Recommends: Doc Johnson Quivering Cock Vibrator

Remote Control Vibrators

If you are fed up with wires and would like to experiment with something more exciting, why not try remote control vibrators, they offer great fun and excitement for you and your partner. Ideal for couples, there are loads of options available from bullets to vibrating panties or insertable love eggs. Simply pop the vibrator in place and take control of the remote for a new and exciting experience.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: 10 Function Remote Control Power Slim Bullet

n6218-lucid_dream_no9_strap_on-1Vibrating Strap Ons

Just like regular strap on dildos, these are worn by one partner but the strap on features an internal vibrating motor which gives pleasure to both partners at once. Fantastic for couples looking to experiment and spice things up. Check out the Anal males take on Pegging
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Lucid Dreams No. 9 Strap On

Vibrator Kits

The vibrator kit offers a variety of different toys, attachments and textures. It offers a wide range of options, great for experimentation either on your own or with a partner. If you are not sure which vibrator to pick this is a great option and will allow you to sample multiple sensations with one kit.
YouOnlyWetter Recommends: In The Heart of the Night Vibrator Kit

Need More Advice? Want to Speak to someone?

Please call our customer service team for more buying advice and tips on using your vibrator. Office hours are between 9-5.30 or you can email anytime. [email protected]

Jon The Nudists Guide To The YouOnlyWetter Vibrators
Article Name
Jon The Nudists Guide To The YouOnlyWetter Vibrators
YouOnlyWetter offers a massive range of vibrators in multiple shapes, colours, textures and sizes. It can be difficult picking the best vibrator for you and that is why YouOnlyWetter has produced a detailed vibrator guide to help you.
Jon The Nudist
Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

Well, my name is Jon the Owner of You Only Wetter a 37-year-old, Poly practicing, Dom with two great kids. I am a happy busy internet geek with a love of all things Google and I love spending time sitting on the sofa watching the latest Dr. Who, Mythbusters or a movie. I am a nudist mostly at home but do like to go down to the beach and bare all or go for a little walk around some hidden woodland really would like to do the whole nudist holiday :)

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Jon The Nudists Guide To The YouOnlyWetter Vibrators

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