12 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina

Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina

Don’t you think being a woman is great? I know I sure do! I love and embrace all the unique body parts we have that make us women. Women’s genitals specifically though, are not only very different from men’s, but can also differ in the way they look from woman to woman.

Know what your vagina looks like for health’s sake

Vaginas are not scary and are not to be looked at only at the time of washing. Don’t be shy because it is your body, and haven’t you ever wondered what it looks like down there? Well wondering, looking and feeling around (with clean hands) is a good thing and something that should be encouraged so you get to know what is normal and healthy for you. So that if something changes down there you know what is not healthy and when professional health should be found.

Women do not pee from their vagina

As a woman you have two ‘front’ holes if you like, one where your period comes from and where you have sex, and another where pee comes from. The latter is located right at the front of the vagina – below the clitoris and above the vaginal opening. The correct term is the ‘urethral opening’.

Your vagina is not a black hole

Whilst experimenting with what feels nice down there, you may be tempted to insert some objects to help you on your way. But even if you accidentally push something too small in too far and get it stuck, do not panic because you cannot lose something in your vagina. You may need to however, relax the muscles to get it out again, or even take an emergency trip to your doctors surgery if you have pushed it in far out of reach. Next time it is preferable to use something that has a bit of length to it. Just saying…

Your vagina is unique and special

Every single vagina looks different and even hangs different. So, don’t ever compare your vagina to one of those on a pornstar, because chances are they have cosmetically enhanced it and nipped and tucked in places anyway. But do not ever consider surgery on this area, not only is it risky but because I know you are perfect just the way you are, and any real man (or women) will love your vagina just the way it is. More importantly you should love it the way it is.

Touch the clitoris if you want an orgasm

It is not common for woman to reach an orgasm from only stimulating the inside of her vagina. Stimulating the clitoris is what will give you an orgasm if it is touched right of course, and in a way you find turns you on. For those women who do orgasm during vaginal penetration, they have obviously figured out how to pleasure the clitoris at the same time, either from gentle positioning or from directly stimulating the clitoris with fingers.

Once you have sex, there’s no taking it back


Choose the right time to have sex, because once you lose your virginity there is no such way to get revirginised.

Your vagina can drop

Technically it is called a pelvic prolapse, which happens to some women after having a baby. It literally just turns inside out and can hang between your legs. Do not panic though, this condition can be fixed. Also, it can be prevented in most cases by strengthening the area through specific exercises before you conceive, and continuing the exercises during pregnancy, and after.

Condoms are great, but still leave you open for STD’s

We all love safe sex, but did you know that you can still catch a sexually transmitted disease even if you use a condom? I know, pretty rubbish news but the reality is if the skin of the vagina touches the skin of an infected scrotum area then quicker than you can say warts – you could have them. Or Herpes, thrush and the many other types of STD’s. So choose your sexual partners wisely.

Your vagina needs exercising too

Remember that if you don’t exercise your arm and leg muscles, you start to lose them over time. Well the same is true for your vaginal wall muscles to stay strong and healthy. Regular healthy sex should be enough to keep you strong down there, but if you are a sexy singleton then simply pur-chase yourself a battery operated man (less back chat anyway) to give your vagina the workout it needs.  Usually this is not an issue until menopause begins, but as always we like to promote prevention as being the best cure! Plus, it’s not really like pleasuring yourself is a chore right? Infact, it has been found to be very good for your health.

Pap smears only check for cervical cancer

Pap smears are a great way to check for any abnormal cells that could mean you have cervical cancer. But what Pap smears do not check for are other cancers such as ovarian, colon or uterine. Please speak to your gynaecologist if you feel you need to be screened in these areas too.

Your vagina is not a beauty counter

Therefore it does not need to be filled with all the perfumes and chemicals that are often found in commercial beauty counters. But seriously, it does not need to be washed with anything other than good clean water. Yup that’s it. Anything stronger like perfumed talcum powders, or body washes can cause a change in pH and leave you susceptible for an infection.

Painful sex is not normal

But having lots of healthy, pleasurable safe sex is. If you are one of the millions of women that are currently suffering from painful sex, then seek help immediately from your naturopath, nutritionist or doctor. It could be the sign of something serious.

So ladies, my message today is to get to know your vagina and enjoy your vagina just the way nature gave it to you, as it is what makes us all unique. Life would be very boring wouldn’t it now if we all looked the same with our clothes off!

12 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina
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12 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina
Don’t you think being a woman is great? I know I sure do! I love and embrace all the unique body parts we have that make us women. Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina.
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12 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina

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