My First FuckBuddy Meeting… Erotic Story Competition Story 12

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I was surprised at the number of gurl’s that fit my cupid setting’s, and there were a few who were within a very short distance from me.

I meant to say “gurl’s” because even though I like women, at Adult FuckBuddy I’m looking for a T-Girl, or a woman that likes them too.

My real fantasy is a threesome with a T-Girl and a woman. The thought of a romp like that really gets me hot!

Like everyone else here I’ve had winks and e-mails that really didn’t amount to anything.

Then I got an invitation to chat with a really gorgeous young gurl that lives close, we chatted a while the first time and said goodnight.

The next night we chatted and the talk started getting dirty. I asked if she would like to turn our cams on and she said no. She liked the mystery of having to imagine how I looked for a while.

I said Ok. She said it was alright that I had an idea about her appearance from her profile pic. I said her profile pic was super hot and asked if that was really her.

She told me it was her, but since it was a face pic I’d just have to imagine the rest of her.

She had read my profile and asked me if I really wanted to do those things. I said yes, really I do.

She said Ok needy boy… tell me what you want to do to me.

I said “I want to suck your shecock, and make you come”. She told me gurl’s usually want to do the cocksucking, and then get assfucked… really hard.

She said they have to really like someone a lot to get hard for a guy.

I said I could relate to that. She typed LOL, and then “I’ll just bet you can”.

I’d like to meet you someplace neutral I said, and she agreed. We decided on a local park not far from either of us, and set a time for the next afternoon.

I grabbed some old bread from the fridge on the way out the door.

One of the main thing’s people do at the park is feed the huge Carp in the lake, and the Ducks. I thought my date might think I was a real wacko bringing stuff to feed the fish, but hey, she did read my profile.

I got there a little early and was already throwing bread out, when I saw her walking down the boardwalk.

She was wearing a t-shirt and cutoff’s… and had about a half a loaf of bread in her hand.

She was gorgeous, and we just looked at each other as we dropped bread down to the fish.

When the bread was gone we sat down on a bench in the shade. I gave her a little kiss and said “You’re so beautiful”, she smiled like nobody had ever told her that before.

A couple had been watching us and asked “How long have you two been married?”. Before I could speak she said “We’re Newlywed’s!”, and then she kissed me.

She said “You know, I’m not looking to get serious right now.”. Then almost without a pause she said “I live on the other side of the lake, would you like to see my apartment?”.

The walk to her place was the most exciting walk I’ve ever had in my life.

She showed me around a little and we sat on the couch.

She said she had a surprise for me, she thought I might like it a lot.

She placed my hand on her crotch and I could feel a very hard shecock, she said “Do you want to suck it?”, and I said Oh Yes!

Then she said “I will let you, but I want to go down on you first! And there’s something else I want to tell you.”.

I gave her a nice squeeze and a slightly wet kiss, and asked “What do you want to tell me?”.

She said to me in a very sexy voice “I really do like you!”.

I’m meeting her again this weekend and I can’t wait.

My Head is Spinning.

It had already been two days since we first met at the park.

We finally connected online while watching the Late Show, she was watching Letterman. I was tuned in to Leno.

She popped up in my messenger window, and my little ol’ heart started racing.

“r u there?” she typed.

“Yes, I’ve been hoping you’d pop up Jen.” I typed.

She’s barely half my age, and I never learned how to text message, don’t even have a cell phone.

She was very shocked when I told her I still use a land line phone.

“i’d love for you to come over for dinner tomorrow night. i’m a fairly good cook!” she typed.

“I’ll have to check my schedule first.” I said.

Immediately thinking to myself that I should be careful.

She was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I didn’t want to take thing’s for granted, she might not understand that I was just joking?

I had been walking on air for the past two days, and might not have known my own name had some one asked what it was.

“stop it, i know u can’t wait 2 see me.. check your schedule lol” she typed.

I was lucky she had a sense of humor.

“I’d love to come over, can I bring something to go with dinner?” I asked.

“no, just you. i’m making spaghetti. you do like spaghetti don’t you?” she typed.

“It’s my very most favorite food in the whole world! Along with banana cream cake.” I said.

I do like spaghetti, but the banana cream cake just popped into my head. It’s from a Doris Day movie, where the leading man tells her character it’s his favorite food in the world… after she tells him it’s her specialty.

He really hates banana cream cake.

“i’m gonna rent a dvd for us to watch. it’ll be fun. I can’t wait!” she typed.

“I can’t wait either Jen. I’ve been thinking about you so much the past two days.” I said.

“me too. i can’t stop thinking about the way u made me feel. how u are making me feel right now, just thinking about it.” she typed.

We chatted for a few more minutes, sending little x’s and o’s back and forth, and saying sweet things to each other.

“it’s getting late and i need a shower. do u mind if we say goodnight… lover?” she typed.

“Not at all, but I’ll be thinking about you in the shower now!” I said.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, enjoy it lover!” she typed.

“c u tomorrow… bye.” she typed.

Sending me one of those emoticons like a pair of lips, a kiss.

“Bye, thanks for the invitation, see you then.”

Sending her a kiss in return.

Her little window closed, and I sat there for about two minutes just thinking about what was happening.

I was numb.

My head was spinning.

All I could think about was her getting into the shower.

A little sunburned from laying in the sun on her patio.

Her long straight hair, anything but perfectly straight, after running errands all afternoon.

She probably let the water heat up a little while looking at herself in the mirror, checking her backside.

Wondering if she could tell she had put on two whole pounds last week… you know how women are.

She’d slip in through the opening of her Elmo shower curtain without any water escaping.

Inside the steam was accumulating already as she wet herself down and grabbed the soap.

I imagined her rubbing her soapy hands all over her body, on her shoulder’s, her gorgeous neck. her tit’s… she has beautiful soft skin.

She slid her hands down and made little circles around her ass cheeks, and into her oh so wonderful crack, making sure it was clean at first.

Then it started feeling good.

She was smiling really big and her heart was starting to beat like a drum.

Surely she was thinking about me?

Her heart was racing, and she was making soft little sounds. Ever so gradually her shecock was beginning to grow.

She has a wonderful cock, and it was fully erect and hard now.

She was smiling and whimpering, hard, hot wet and soapy!

Using both of her beautiful feminine hands, she “washed” herself real good.

Long slow sliding motion’s, up and down her shaft… you know how good that feels right?

After a few minutes she shot a three foot stream, twice… into the shower.

Then she rinsed down and turned the water off.

Oh God! I wish I had been there!

Jen’s a T-Girl, a young gurl that knows she’s a woman… no matter what her gender, or sex.

That is to say she has a penis, but on her it’s a female sex organ. That’s just how I see things, please don’t tell me I’m wrong.

I can’t say that I know how she feels. I just know that T-Girl’s drive me wild. I’ve never felt that way before, nothing ever even came close.

She dried herself off and wrapped her hair up in the towel the way all women do.

Yeah, she hangs her stocking’s over the shower curtain rod too.

She poured a glass of juice and started making a list.



Parmesan Cheese


Tomorrow was gonna be fun, she thought… as she put her pretty little self to bed.

Now I can imagine her sleeping… My Head is Spinning Again.

After a couple of days things were still going great, we decided on 7 for Dinner.

I was stopping by the Supermarket for some hot Italian bread.

Jen had told me I didn’t need to bring anything, but I usually forget something when I’m making dinner and when dinner was Spaghetti… it was usually the bread.

If I timed it right it would still be nice and warm, just in case she forgot.

I was headed for the Deli when I noticed a gorgeous girl at the counter… it was Jen, she was picking up a loaf of French bread!

I stayed back hoping she wouldn’t see me, she was wearing those cutoff jeans and flip flops. Her hair was a little wet and I couldn’t help but gaze at her legs as she leaned over talking to the lady working the counter.

She got the bread and left without noticing me as I watched from the produce section.

I went up to the counter and was browsing the side dishes with my eyes, when the lady behind the counter spoke to me.

“She’s a beautiful girl isn’t she. I couldn’t help but notice you checking her out. I think you’re too late Fella. She just told me she had a hot date tonight.” she said. “Wow, what a lucky guy!” I said.

“I have a date too, what would you recommend for a side dish with Spaghetti?” I asked.

“Well, we have some marinated mushrooms that would go well with that.” she said. I figured a half a pint was about right.

“That’s what she’s having too!” said the lady.

“What a coincidence, small world isn’t it.” I commented as she handed me my mushrooms.

I knew I was a lucky guy, and didn’t need to tell her that I was her previous customer’s date for the evening.

I watched Jen leave the parking lot before leaving myself. I didn’t want her to see me. I could have been there at 7 sharp but I thought Jen might be running a little behind so I waited until about 7:05, in case she wanted to change clothes before dinner.

I had already stripped her down in my head, that’s for sure.

She answered the door wearing a simple black dress, and she was the most wonderful sight I’d ever seen. She put her arm around me and said “You’re just in time! Come on in!”. I could smell the French bread, and the Spaghetti sauce.

She asked me about the bag and I handed it too her, her hands were full and I wrapped my arms around her gently and kissed her before she could say anything. Already my heart was pounding.

“I hope you like marinated mushrooms, Peggy said they’d go great with Spaghetti.” I said. “Who’s Peggy” asked Jen. I told her it was the lady at the Deli. “Oh, how sweet. I told you it wasn’t necessary, but thanks. I love mushrooms, they’re my most favorite food in the whole world!” Jen said enthusiastically.

Jen had a candle burning at the table and insisted we start dinner while everything was hot. I know I was.

She dimmed the lights and sat me down at the table. She was just gorgeous in the candle light, and everything was delicious… and I do mean everything.

We were finishing up with our dinner and I got up, moved over to sit next to Jen, and gave her another little kiss. “That was delicious Jen.” Then I picked up her fork and speared a mushroom, and fed it to her. “The Luckiest Mushroom In The World!” I said. “Mmmm.” she liked that.

“I have something for you.” she said, and led me over to the couch, in front of the TV.

“Let’s watch a movie.” she said as she handed me a DVD. I thought it might be something racy and was surprised when I saw what it was.

Glass Bottom Boat… “You don’t really like banana cream cake do you?” she said with a smile. “I’ve seen this movie a few times too, you think you’re so clever.” again with a smile.

We kissed and touched for about ten minutes, then with a surprised look on her face she said “Hey!, Peggy’s the lady at the Deli! You go there too?”.

“I’m surprised we never crossed path’s in there Jen. I go in there all the time!” I didn’t tell her I had been watching her buy the bread earlier. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure.

She took the DVD from the case and started it up. I was surprised when the movie started and Jen began to sing along with the theme song. I mean that movie was before her time really.

She was very playful and it was rubbing off on me now.

We started making out and forgot about the movie. Jen was sitting on my lap, facing me with her tit’s in my face. The feeling of her dress sliding around on her skin was unbelievable. Her cock was hard and she was rubbing it on my belly through her dress as I sucked on her nipples.

I was sliding my hand all through the crack of her ass, and she was starting to make little sounds, almost of desperation. She was getting all squirmy on me and I was about to come in my pants!

“Oh God! I’m Coming! I’m Gonna Come Now!” she screamed as she stood up! She pulled her black dress up over her head in one single motion, she was completely naked underneath, and her shecock was standing straight up, already wet with her juices!

“Ohhh God!!! MMmmm!” I took her in my mouth just in time, another second longer and she would have came on my face! Her legs buckled as she shot her come in me, and I swallowed it all, making my own sounds of pleasure and starting to squirm too!

I was in heaven as she gyrated her hips around, giving me what I wanted… what I needed. “MMmmmmmmmmmm.” all I could do was moan and hum as she shot her second stream of hot come in my mouth, and I came… the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had!

I shot my stream right into her ass crack as she was straddling me, and it really sent her over the edge. She started giving me slow full thrusts, and I could feel her cock jerking in my mouth, even though she couldn’t come again.

“I WANT YOU IN ME! BABY! PLEASE!” all she had to do was lower herself onto my shaft, Aaahhhhhh!

I immediately came in her ass! My cock was throbbing, it was numb, and still hard. She straddled me and was squirming around in my lap… we were breathing deep and she was giving me just enough motion to keep me hard.

We were both a little sweaty now, as we kissed and nibbled on each other. We stayed in that position for about ten minutes, saying sweet things to each other, and sharing the most wonderful looks.

Then things started heating up again.

I was ready to really give her what she needed now, and without ever pulling out of her I laid her on her backside and began thrusting as deep as I could, sliding my whole shaft into her and pounding her with every thrust.

With every thrusting motion she was moaning, and I was grunting! She had her legs wrapped around me and was holding me so tight. If she held me any tighter I would have been behind her!

She was without a doubt the most incredible girl I’d ever been with, and without even knowing it was going to happen I was coming deep inside her again. I was pressed close against her when I felt her cock jerking, and more of her hot come was spurting out between our bodies, her asshole was twitching around my cock… and she was looking at me like I was a king.

She was saying something but I couldn’t make out what it was, she was not making a lot of sense… after about five minutes she rolled me over and fell asleep on top of me.

I wasn’t far behind.

That was the best date I’d ever had.

Wow! I’m such a lucky guy!

My First FuckBuddy Meeting... Erotic Story Competition Story 12
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My First FuckBuddy Meeting... Erotic Story Competition Story 12
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My First FuckBuddy Meeting… Erotic Story Competition Story 12

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