“A House of Colours” Part 15 – Meeting Madame

“Try not to upset her this time dear” Saffron said as she kissed Raven delicately on the lips at the threshold of the house. Raven stood tall and tilted her head to one side “Trust me, I’ll be as good as always sweetie” Saffron frowned at her, “That is precisely what I am afraid of.” She answered. Raven turned to the girls waiting in the hallway. “Red you’re coming with me” she stated confidently, stood dressed in her usual ‘outside world’ attire of jeans, heels and leather jacket, “White you’re joining us also today, Dark my dear as always you are welcome to join me” the tone changed from telling Red and White to gently asking Dark “Thank you Mistress but, I had best stay and look after the Goddess hadn’t I?” Raven knew that Dark was not ready to leave the house, far from it in fact, but it was never going to stop her from asking her and involving her “That’s a very good point Dark, our Goddess will need company, you’re such a good girl, thank you.” She turned to Red and White, the latter fully in her colour, jeans tight fitting vest top, her collar and gag of course, just finished with her pink trainers, matching the pink on the ball nestling as ever in her mouth. Her hair neatly done, partly up in a pony tail while whisks fell beside her face. Red meanwhile had black jeans on for now, her red sketchers, matching vest top and of course her silk colour, now of course her arms were adorned with her trademark adornment, her red and black leather wrist cuffs from her Mistress. She was still getting used to them and had found for practicality these were best worn in front of her with her wrists crossed. She two had her long brown hair in a long point tail that almost reached her waist. The Mistress approached the pair and disconnected their leashes, handing them back to Saffrons hand “Lets go see the wicked witch of the north then girls” she said mischievously with wide eyes and a grin. Saffron shook her head “Respect Raven!”

“Yeah yeah I know” she winked before heading out the door to her Range Rover. Dark stood, blindfolded beside the Goddess in the doorway “Mistress” she whispered “Yes my dear” was the ever soft reply “Will she allow Red to stay?” The girl asked. This was a question that had tumbled around the inside of her own head for the last few days. She placed her hand to Darks side and held her hand. “I don’t know” was the soft spoken reply. The pair watched as the black car pulled to the end of the driveway, waited as the gates finished gliding open, before pulling onto the street with a roar and disappearing out of sight.

The black Range Rover cruised along the freeway with the girls sat in the back. White was like a child gazing out of the window, being away from the house wasn’t unusual but she did miss elements of the outside world and rarely passed on an opportunity to join either Mistress when they offered a trip out. Although in her 2 years in the house she’d never ventured beyond the house gates alone. She turned and looked upon an anxious Red. Anxious because of what she had over heard between the Mistresses earlier that week, she wanted to stay in the house but clearly it wasn’t solely her choice to make, clearly there was approval needed from the person they were now visiting. White reached a hand onto Reds bound wrists, Red turned to make eye contact and forced a quick smile as she opened her fingers and held Whites hand in return, Whites grip tightening reassuringly to try and make her feel better. Red looked to the front of the vehicle to gaze at her Mistresses eyes glancing occasionally in the mirror at her. As had often been the case Red was unable to read any emotion but after the joviality at the house with the Goddess about their trip the mood of her Mistress had changed.

The car pulled up outside a pair of large gates, the house itself some distance behind them, the car window was lowered and intercom buzzed “Yes” a voice called out “Raven to see Madame” the Mistress replied in an overly strong voice. The gates swung open slowly, large heavy solid oak gates, revealing a long winding driveway through a large lawn area, which encircled a large pond,up to a classical looking house, slate silver in colour but with a strong cobalt blue roof and window details.

The car was pulled up outside the main doors. Undoing her belt, Raven turned to Red, “Inside this house Red remember, I am still your Mistress, you do only what I tell you and no one else, have you got that little one?” It was clearly time for Red to be on her best behaviour and she knew she wanted to make her Mistress proud of her.”Just follow Whites lead if you’re unsure of what to do”.

Once out of the car White was called upon to rearrange Reds wrist cuffs, placing her hands behind her back in a more appropriate manner. As they approached the front door it opened. A small brunette girl dressed in a silver silk gown, held her head low as she swung the door fully open. A collar the same resplendent blue on the house adorned her neck, as well as arm and ankle cuffs, which were themselves linked by silver chains of barely a foots length, slightly impeding movement. Once through the door way the trio entered into a large hall with double oak stair cases either side rising to upstairs, between which a large pair of double doors rested shut. Red observed the girl closing the door behind them and then slowly, barefoot, with short steps because of the chains, she walked ahead of them. Raven followed behind her and White and Red flanked their Mistress. The girl knocked on the large doors, waited, only opening them on hearing a loud booming female voice shouting “Enter” to which Raven turned her head towards the girls, shaking it gently from side to side and muttered “So theatrical”, Red turned to White for a reassuring look, White simply bowed her head and gestured Red do the same. As the doors opened the trio walked in, Red strained her eyes looking up but with her head pointed down, her curiosity wanting to see what and who awaited them inside.

The room was bright despite the heavy oak cladding on the walls, light pouring in from a large window on the back wall. A tall airy room with vaulted ceiling, from which hung a couple of black iron cage structures. An upper gallery down one side looked down from the floor above. A large fireplace was unlit. The chained girl walked ahead passing old fashioned furniture, chairs, chaise lounges, towards a figure sat on what could only be described as a very significant silver throne. On either side where two silver cages .The chained girl walked to one of them and knelt inside the confined space, barely a metre squared, closing the door behind her. In the central position, up three steps, sat squarely on the throne a beautifully elegant woman dressed in the same blue of the girls collar and shackles, her long flowing gown draped around the built up throne base. Adorned with silver jewellery, Red could see her shoes matched, rings on her hands, bracelets, as her eyes moved upwards to the figures head she saw what resembled a crown but at that moment realised she was making eye contact and quickly averted her gaze to her own feet.

“Hello Little Bird, how delightful to see you as always” She spoke calmly but with strength, Somewhere in between her own Mistresses growling voice the Goddesses softer tones. The woman kept her head high as the Mistress spoke back “Hello Madame, is that a new throne?” cheekily rising one eyebrow as she spoke.

A look of little bemusement crossed the womans face, clearly aware of the Mistresses tact, “Still favouring the colour black I see, are you not tempted by something a little more colourful…. maybe something pastel and bright, or even a nice cobalt blue” she quipped tipping her head to the girl now in the cage.
The dark Mistress gazed at the girl in the cage and then back to Madame, facing her with a steely pout but she kept silent.

“Come her Little Bird” she raised a hand towards the Mistress “Greet me properly” Grinning deviously, her voice echoing around the room off the wood clad walls. Raven stepped towards Madame and reached for her bejewelled hand and with some reluctance bowed her head and kissed it.

“How is your delightful Goddess, I do hope she continues to take good care of you. Oh and dearest Dark, still a home girl I see from her absence today, hopefully she is taking on some of your finer attributes.” The woman glanced towards White, “Aaah but look at young White here, beautiful as always, you must make the Goddess so very proud, so impeccably presented at all occasions.”

The woman now turned to Red “And then there is this little matter, a new pet I see, evidently we need to talk Little Bird”.

Raven raised her head and spoke sharply “Madame this is Red, she has joined the house this week.”

“I see” Madame stood and descended the few steps from her throne and walked towards Red, the long flowing train from her dress rippled down the steps and followed her graceful movement. “Joined the House of Colours has she, ” The woman turned to the anxious girl “How old are you child?”

Red froze remembering her Mistresses instructions, worrying what to do she looked to her for guidance, Raven nodded back. “I’m nineteen… Madame”

“Only 19, and very well behaved already I see, and you wish to join the house do you?”

“Y..y…yes Madame”

“Well we shall have to see won’t we” she stated as she turned to face Raven “How is that going to work Little Bird, you already have your 2 girls” The Mistress looked sternly back at the woman puffing herself up and standing tall, taller than Madame, “You don’t intimidate me remember little bird, no-one does, and there are rules as well you know.”

“I don’t like to live a life bound by rules Madame” she replied sternly,

“Ah but you recall there was a time not so long ago when that was very different, wasn’t there? Or have you so easily forgotten all you learned?”

Raven was doing her best to remain calm but was clearly agitated

“You were a similar age were you not when we found you” Madame gestured to Red, “I thought pairing you with the Goddess was the best decision I made, of course I had no idea you’d get on quite like you did.”

Red was listening to everything, so much information coming out that answered questions she’d had in her head which now created new ones, paired with the Goddess, when she was found, but worst of all the protest that they already had their two girls, Red had feared this since hearing the conversation earlier in the week between the Mistresses.

Madame paced the floor towards Red, walking behind her, touching gently the linking chain between the girls cuffs before raising her hand, delicately touching her silk band on her neck. Standing back in front of her, lifting the girls face with a single finger on her chin so their eyes met, the womans blue eyes peered into the green of Reds “Such beautiful green eyes, that might become symbolic of course”, she turned away to face the Mistress “there are other houses that can take her, educuate and take care of her, or…” the woman now turned towards White “…are you thinking of trading dear White in?” The woman turned with a grin to pace towards and face a now anxious White, stroking her cheek and strap of her gag, “Is that why she’s here?” White suddenly felt nervous, knowing the importance of the rules, she had herself been unsure of how Reds permanent position in the house would be secured but surely that was not why she was here. “There are many that would take her most willingly, Rose perhaps, or maybe Ruby?”

“White is staying with us, as is Red, no house will care for her as well as the one she is already in” Raven answered defiantly, Madame dropped her hand from Whites face and turned to the defiant Mistress.

“I remember not so long ago, a young girl brought before me, discarded by the world, broken and left to fade into nothing, slowly destroying herself one sin at a time, falling lower and lower having lost all self respect. Dare I say just on the brink, one drug fuelled self deprecating sexual encounter away from oblivion. But she learned fast didn’t she, she impressed many in the order, including myself, indeed a powerful mind was saved.” The womans voice grew louder “But even at the side of the Goddess she is not above the rules, yet here she now is standing before me asking me to break those rules, when not so long ago she was obeying mine.”

Raven stayed calm, Red clung to every word. Her Mistress, with a sorrowful history herself, was here clearly defying seniority within a system that had saved her, fighting for her place in the house despite it clearly being unheard of.

The usually strong dark Mistress stepped away from the woman, towards the girl in the cage, running her hand along the top edge. Staring down at the shackled girl.


Composed she turned, strode confidently towards her Blue adversary glancing up at the hanging cages suspended from the ceiling, and faced her foe inches away, eye to eye. She breathed heavily, calming herself.

“With the greatest of respect Madame all three girls are staying with us, I am not here to ask for your or anyones permission, I am here to tell you” her smouldering look reminded Red of the moment in the bar when dealing with the thugs when they first met. Her face was filled with passion but her eyes gave away something more, something fragile.

“I like your defiance little bird, it reminds me of myself when I was your age, but everything we do, all the rules of the order have been tried, tested and proven over many generations, deviation is risky”. Eyes locked in a defiant stalemate, the onlooking Red and White feeling like time had been frozen from the icy stares from the pair. It was Madame who turned her gaze first, lifting her head and turned towards her throne.

“You put me in a difficult position Little Bird, don’t make me choose between you or the order” she turned and glanced over her shoulder to Raven.

Raven calmed her approach she took a step towards her and spoke more calmly “Madame was it not you who taught me just because something has been done a certain way throughout history it didn’t mean it would always be the correct and only way to do something? Was it not you who encouraged me to challenge the status quo of society? To think as an individual. Are you now saying all you’ve taught me is wrong?”

Her blue combatant turned to face her, Raven turned to look at a still anxious White and then rested on Reds fearful gaze. She took a deep breath in and walked towards her respected foe. On reaching her she did something that surprised Red and White, something they could had never expected.

Raven knelt before the woman on both her knees in a standard submissive pose, her hands placed behind her back. She turned once again to make eye contact with Red, who’s own eyes where welling up at the demonstration of love she saw before her.

“Amy, my first Mistress, please, you have the power” she bowed her head, as Madame looked first down to Raven humble before her and then to Red, unable to hide the tear rolling down her cheek.

After a long pause she spoke slowly “Permission granted…. temporarily, the council will discuss this, now leave, before I change my mind” Ravens head lifted, trying to remain strong “Thank you my Mistress”. Madame turned and leant on the arms of her throne as the girl in the cage climbed out to see the guests out of the house.

Raven stood and strode away walking between White and Red, holding in her emotion, recomposing herself. The girls turned to follow her. As they reached the front door Madame called from from the doorway of the inner room.

“Little Bird” The trio stopped walking, Raven lifted her head high but didn’t turn so the girls didn’t either. The Mistress not wanting to show her welling eyes.

“Little Bird it is not I who have all the power. For if I did…. you would still be here with me, but even the rules could not dictate where your heart fell.”

Raven breathed deeply and the trio walked out the door.

Back at the car they all climbed in silently. Raven put on a pair of dark sunglasses and fired up the car. The journey home was quiet. Both Red and White quite emotional after what they had seen.

Once home safely within the walls of the great white house Saffron and Dark eagerly awaited the trio in the living room. Saffron stood and walked towards her counterpart with haste as the entered the room and the pair left immediately as Red and White rushed to Dark, both girls joining her on the sofa either side of her and taking her hand. Still unsighted she merely had one thing to ask “You are staying then Red? I’ve been so worried.” Red looked at White, a little unsure of what to tell her. If she hadn’t been wearing her blindfold she would have seen the way the Goddess and Mistress had left the room together, how the girls now sat either side of her had their emotions for all to see in their teary eyes. Red smiled at White and then answered the question leaning into Dark “You can’t get rid of me that easily, I’m still here aren’t I!” she said playfully. To which Dark put both her arms out and hugged her two friends.

Both White and Red knew that out of sight and earshot of the trio the mistresses would themselves be having a similarly emotional moment. Red couldn’t help wanting to be there for her Mistress, but the Goddess was with her, so instead she focused on her new friends, her new family.

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 15 – Meeting Madame

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