“A House of Colours” Part 5 – After Midnight

“Wake up my pet,” a dark and husky voice whispered. “I have something for you.”

Blearily, Poppy responded. “Raven? Is that you? It’s 12.30?” Disoriented, she could make out little in the darkness. “Shhh, it’s not Raven. Friday is over little one.” Poppy took a moment to gather her thoughts through the fog of sleep, until she suddenly felt a rush of warmth coursing through her body as she recounted the past 24 hrs. “Mistress!” she purred with delight.

The bedside lamp was switched on, casting a low dim light across the room. “That’s better. Now out of bed and onto your knees my pet,” Mistress barked. And with that, she slid her fingers through Poppy’s hair, firmly grabbing a handful. Once gripped, she forcefully tugged Poppy’s head sideways, yanking the girl towards the floor. Poppy couldn’t help but fall out of the bed, quickly scrabbling to her knees, her head at an acute angle, still in the hand of her Mistress.

“I see you sleep naked my pet. That will save us a lot of time when I need you to perform.” Raven stood over Poppy with a malevolent gleam in her eye. “I’ll do anything you ask Mistress,” the girl started to reply with a hint of a coy smile in her voice. But before Poppy could even finish her sentence, she was stunned by a flash of searing pain as her Mistress landed a hard slap directly across her left cheek. THWACK! The girl gasped and tried to recoil, but her head was immobilized by Raven’s firm grip of her hair.

Poppy gulped heavily, her eyes welling up as the red hand print became visibly darker. Raven looked down, glaring at the girl. “Silence! You speak ONLY when I allow it, do you understand?” “Yes mist…” Another THWACK echoed through the room, as Raven again slapped the girl hard across the face as soon as she began to speak. “You better learn and learn fast my pet! You only speak when I allow it, do you understand!!?” Raven’s bellow caused the girl to visibly tremble as tears began to roll down her cheeks. Looking like a wounded animal, Poppy slowly nodded, her lips firmly shut

Raven stood over her, draped in a black silk nightgown just barely long enough to cover her waist, undone and flowing, as black as her hair. Black panties and heeled boots to her knee completed the outfit that silently conveyed that this was not a woman to be trifled with. “We have an understanding…good. Now let me explain something. You see, your being here is purely automotive. That is to say that by design and creation you are here to service a sole purpose, a formal designated role whereby upon completion of your primary task, you will rest until you are needed once more. I can see that you are slowly coming to realise and understand that THIS is your purpose in life little one.

Days may pass…maybe weeks, but when the time comes, you will be expected to carry out your task at a moments notice and with minimum drama. Your purpose when in this household is as my pet, my toy, and I will use you as I see fit. You may be expected to perform in any number of ways, but it will always be for the enjoyment of your Mistress. You only exist for me.”

The words rang through Poppy. This was stern. This was Mistress laying down the rules, and Poppy despite her fear, found herself becoming excited. “Now, kneel before me…straight back, hands clasped behind you,” Raven barked as she released her grip on the girl’s hair. “This is the beginning of your education and we need to do it right, don’t we? As a guest this weekend, you will be expected to wear this at all times.” She held out and her hand, slowly opening it to show Poppy the plain silk choker, identical to those worn by her Mistress and her partner, but in a beautiful deep red colour.

As Raven leaned in to slide it around the girl’s neck, Poppy raised her hands to gather her hair and hold it back. But as she did, Raven quickly scowled at her. “Hands down my pet,” she commanded, and Poppy immediately shot her hands back behind her. While Raven continued fastening the rear clasp of the choker, Poppy felt a tingling building deep inside her. Oh how she ached to touch it, to look in a mirror and see it fitted tightly around her neck.

“There my pet. All the while you are with us, this will identify you. For this weekend at least you are no longer Poppy, you will be referred to as your collar name.” Poppy carefully raised her eyes to look up at her Mistress. She desperately wanted to say thank you. She longed to leap into the arms of her Mistress, but she dared not move. ” Your collar name is it’s colour. You will merely be referred to as Red to distinguish you from the other girls, do you understand?” Poppy nodded.

“Let me hear you say it. What is your name, and who do you belong to? Speak up little one! “My name is Red,” Poppy exclaimed with an assuredness in her voice that even surprised herself. “And I belong to you, my Mistress.” Raven carefully hid her joy and excitement, simply growling back at the girl “Not bad I suppose, it might work out.” Poppy was surprised and a little hurt by the lukewarm response, unaware that it was all part of the plan, and that she was only beginning her journey.

Raven reached out and stroked Red’s cheek, her graceful, long fingers sliding down the girl’s neck and onto the collar, slipping her fingertips around it. “Now, a lesson!” And with that, she grabbed a clump of Reds’ hair and dragged her the few feet necessary to bring her in font of the mirror. Raven stood behind the girl, watching her eyes widen as she saw herself for the first time wearing the silk. Red’s eyes twinkled as she stared at her neck, keeping her lip buttoned, but a beaming smile spreading across her face. Raven crouched down behind her, leaning in to whisper in the girl’s ear. “We need to do something about those wandering arms of yours my pet.” Holding a short length of red rope in her hands, she bound Red’s wrists together as they rested against the base of her spine. A tingling sensation began to surge through her body as Red felt the restriction to her movement being applied, wincing slightly as the rough rope tightened around her bare skin.

Raven stood up, looking down at Red’s reflection in the mirror…the girl peering back with a mix of excitement and trepidation in her eyes. “Is it wrong of me to want you with such lust? To want you to look into my eyes with fear, fear of my unpredictability, of what I’m going to do next to you? Fear of where it might take us on a selfish journey of me using you to satisfy my sexual needs? I will take what I want little one, because you are mine!” Leaning down over the girl, Raven reached around Red’s neck, grasping her throat with one hand as she staring at their reflections in the mirror. ” See this,” she spat. “This is mine now, do you understand? NOBODY touches it without my say so.”

She reached down and roughly grabbed Red’s left breast, the dark red nails contrasting against the pale pink areola and pale skin. “These are mine!” Releasing her grip, the same hand slid down across Red’s stomach, past her navel, and over her sex. “This is mine!” Lastly, she raised her hand, softly stroking Red on the side of the temple and then tapping and pointing at the side of the girl’s head. “In here…this is mine!” Red slowly nodded, her eyes welling up with an inexplicable mix of shame and pride. She was embarrassed by her need to relinquish herself to another. But that was more than compensated by the overwhelming pride and excitement she felt, that this incredible Mistress had deemed her worthy enough to choose.

Raven stepped down onto the ropes with her heeled boot between Red’s tethered wrists, pushing them into the girl’s own soles as she knelt, naked before the mirror with just her new red silk adorning her neck. Gripping a handful of Red’s long hair, the Mistress yanked it back, stretching the girl’s neck taut as she stood over her, lewdly licking her tongue across Red’s forehead, down the bridge of her nose and across her lips. Her mouth passed over the girl’s, enveloping Red around the chin as she drew in her bottom lip and chewed on it hungrily. All the while, Red knelt there silently, desperately shuddering with excitement and expectation, clinging to the moment their lips had passed. Finally, her Mistress kissed her fully, the long tongue again deeply probing into Red, reminding her of their first encounter at the bowling alley, such deep passionate kissing. Both of Raven’s hands simultaneously glided down over Red’s shoulder blades and across her chest.

The Mistress’ fingers were outstretched as they slowly circled around Red’s nipples, smaller and smaller circles until finally gripping hard an then pinching, pulling and tweaking. Never once did she allow the passionate kiss to be broken, as saliva covered both of their chins and lips. Red merely whimpered through the attacking kiss as her nipples hardened and she felt the growing wetness between her legs. Removing one of her hands from Red’s chest, Raven forced it roughly down between the girl’s legs and snickering as her fingers slithered across Red’s moistening sex. Pushing her victim’s legs apart, Raven curled two fingers into her, probing firmly and invasively as she opened the girl up.

Red tightened her fists, feeling the ropes restricting her with her Mistress’ foot still pushing down on her tethered wrists. The feeling of utter helplessness was turning her on in a way she had never imagined possible, groaning at the sheer strength and force of the fingers sliding in and out of her. As Raven withdrew her fingers before the next thrust, she slapped down hard across the girl’s wet lips with her open palm. SLAP…SLAP…SLAP! Red squealed in a mixture of pain and pleasure with each slap, then audibly gasped as her Mistress shoved two fingers back inside her, before forcing in a third as she rolled and turned inside her. “You will NOT cum until I allow it,” the Mistress broke her kiss to say, with her eyes inches from Red’s who jumped and flinched at the stern voice but remained tight lipped.

The Mistress butted Red’s head to one side as she licked at her cheek, onto her neck and ultimately to her ear…tongue swirling, lips kissing and then teeth gripping and tugging her lobe. Red could feel the crescendo of it all – the fingers swatting and now gliding in and out of her pussy which still ached from the slaps, her nipple being twisted between forefinger and thumb, her wrists being pushed downwards by the foot of her Mistress, and the warm rapid breath caressing her ear.

The recognisable wave was quickly building inside her, and she knew that she would somehow need to control it or risk disappointing this woman she so desperately needed to please. Tears of unexplainable joy at her predicament began to well up. As Red tried to find focus to control her approaching orgasm, the hand from her breast moved to her chin, pushing it right back to its limit as the other hand withdrew from her wet folds below. “You were enjoying that, weren’t you my little slut? Tell me, speak!” Red gasped “oh god yes Mistress, I’m such a needy slut.”

“Well your needs always come second to mine,” was the stern reply from the emotionless face above her. Red nodded, “I’m sorry, I understand Mistress.” Raven’s wet hand slid up from between Red’s thighs, wiped across her cheek and onto her lips, before her fingers pushed inside the girl’s mouth as the other hand gripped her neck near to the choking point. Red reacted by sucking hard on the fingers. Feeling the grip tighten on her neck only made her more determined to please, but her eyes flashed panic as it became harder to breathe. Seeing the girl’s momentary panic made Raven shiver with pleasure, and she leaned over Red, using her mouth to cover the girl’s nose as she tried to breath through it, sealing around the airway. Red whimpered pathetically, as her instinctive reaction to shake her head and brake free was met only with a tightened grip on her neck. The three fingers gagging her pushed deeper into the back of her throat. Red felt her vision blurring and her body starting to go limp, until finally her Mistress sensed she had done enough, and pulled away her mouth with a satisfying gasp.

Removing her fingers from Red’s mouth, Raven stepped over her pet, grabbing her hair and pulling the girl’s face into the wetness between her legs. “Your Mistress comes first,” she barked as she rolled her hips onto Reds face. Red began to lap wildly at Raven’s glistening folds, her tongue flicking in and out of them like a serpent. Wriggling her face, Red did all that she could with her tongue and lips beneath her Mistress, who maintained a firm hold on the girl’s neck as she rode her face.

It wasn’t long before she was cumming, hard, her tightening grip on Red’s neck and the low gruff noises giving it away, as her thighs tightened and a controlled ROARRR left her body. She stood up straight and admired the view in the mirror before her…a naked Red on her knees, head tipped back beneath her as she came hard and her juices flowed all over her toy, hips bucking across her little pet face.

She stepped off of Red and crouched beside her, supporting the girl’s head and admiring the glistening face. Long streaks of mascara smeared down Red’s cheeks prompted a lip bite from her assailant. “Mistress has come. Your turn my pet,” she growled as one hand now held up the girl’s neck once more while the other slid down the glistening chest, fingers diving towards her sex. ” You tell me when you want to come little one.” Red nodded in response, focusing on her Mistress’ touches as fingers slid across her folds, now wetter than before. Her eyes reflexively closed as she felt two fingers run back and forth between her lips, parting them, finding her engorged clit and circling it. The palm of her Mistress’ hand rubbing into her sex, as fingers expertly spread open her folds and two fingers worked their way inside with ease. Red’s hips responded and began to needily grind against her Mistress. Quickly she feels the cresting wave one again building inside her, that same ache for release that had barely subsided from the earlier onslaught. Fingers pushed in and out of her furiously as steady pressure from Raven’s thumb stimulated her clit with each pumping motion.

“Mistress I…I’m ready,” Red whimpered.

“NOT YET,” was the stern reply as Raven removed her hand from the girl’s neck and with lightening speed, struck her across the face once again. Red whimpered and nodded, feeling the radiating heat of the sting, elated by the unexpected feeling of pleasure through pain.

“Nearly there my pet?” “Please Mistress, please…I’m begging you, please let me cum for you.” SLAP again on the same cheek. “That’s two, you may ONLY cum on the fifth.”

Once again, SLAP, as Red reeled physically from the impact. The aching burn rising on her face as her insides boiled, all the while the relentless thrusting in and out of fingers inside her.

SLAP “Now listen, when you cum for me, I won’t stop even if you ask me to. Only one word can save you, do you understand?” The Mistress stared into Red’s eyes. She simply nodded, her own eyes wide and glazed over, using all her effort in trying not to cum ahead of her Mistresses fifth impact. After what felt like excruciatingly agonizing minutes, it finally happened. The final satisfying jolt of pain as the hand once more, with added ferocity, slapped across her face. Finally, she could let out all her bottled-up emotions. They erupted in a pitiful cry of joy as her orgasm tore through her and she cried out “MISTRESS!!” The fingers continued their relentless pounding assault through two more orgasms just minutes apart. Red felt herself slipping in and out of consciousness, as the hand restricting her airway tightened. But she was no longer fearful. She had placed herself entirely in her Mistress’ hands and given herself fully and unconditionally. Her final thoughts, as a curtain of darkness descended over her, where ones of joy and happiness.

She came to less than a minute or two later, her sweat-covered naked body laying on the cold marble, still tied, restricted. She gathered her thoughts for a moment and simply began to weep.

Raven crouched down beside Red, maintaining her cold and emotionless stare at the sobbing girl, a girl who had given so much to try to please her. That was the ultimate challenge of the submissive. But this right here in front of her, was the toughest challenge for any Mistress. Seeing that tiny, fragile broken girl lying on the floor sobbing, all of her natural instincts screamed for her to rush to comfort and cradle her. But Raven knew that, tough as it may be, and it WAS tough, this was not the moment for that. This was a moment where she needed to summon all her reserves to remain devoid of emotion. It was something that Raven often struggled with, because ultimately she cared passionately for her girls. Inside her head, she fought to keep those instincts in check, reminding herself that this was part of Poppy’s learning process. She feared that perhaps she had done too much, gone too far, or been too harsh on the girl. But everything she had seen and heard up to that point had led the Mistress to believe that Red was ready for the journey that lay ahead.

She leaned in closer to look at the forlorn girls face, feeling fear twisting like a knife inside her gut that maybe she had judged incorrectly. Fighting hard to hold back any hint of emotion she barked, “Do you now understand your place my pet?” She spat though half-gritted teeth, ensuring that when Red did glance at her she would see nothing but cold exterior. “No doubt regretting your decision to come here, hmm?”

Red slowly began to twist herself on the floor, wiping her raccoon eyes as she turned. “Don’t be silly Mistress…(sniff)…that was…umm…that was…perfect…thank you.” The girl’s response as he lay sobbing on the hard floor was everything Raven could have hoped for and more. Relieved and reassured, Raven smiled at her new pet, crouching down beside her once more. The height of passion now over, she once again was exactly as she had been in the hotel following Reds’ first passionate assault. She swiftly untied the girl’s hands and carried her over to the bed, sitting down and cradling her lovingly as she had done before. As Red relaxed in her Mistresses arms, she listened as the woman spoke softly to her. “I’m so proud of you little one.” She tightened her arms in an affectionate embrace and kissed her once more on the forehead before getting off of the bed. Her heels clicked across the floor to the doorway where she paused and turned for one final moment. “So very proud,” after which she pulled the door closed and was gone.

A few hours later, Poppy awoke briefly, gasping for a drink. It was silent in the house so she quietly snuck down to the shared bathroom and turned on the tap. Drinking from her hands, she then splashed her face with cool water. Looking up at the mirror in the dappled moonlight, she caught sight of her silk collar. She inhaled deeply, a few tears of bliss masked by the water she’d refreshed her face with. She dried her face and hands and stared once more at her reflection, flicking on the small light above the giant mirror. Her fingers absently traced along the edges of the thick ruby-coloured band around her neck. Smiling, she whispered to herself “Red”.

Filled with emotion like never before she padded back to her room and slide back into bed once again.

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 5 – After Midnight

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