The Surprise (Part 1)

You’re back in town, and we’ve arranged to meet in that bar we had drinks in a while back. When you arrive I’m at the bar; we greet each other casually and I give you the cocktail I’ve just bought you. We go over to a table – the same table we sat at before, incidentally – and sit down.

For a while we just chit-chat, catching up. You’re looking good, of course (you’ve come in casual-but-nonetheless-sexy attire – a tight skirt, quite a revealing top, but nothing too eye-popping), and I tell you so; a couple of cheeky smiles are exchanged but generallly speaking things are quite calm. We talk about what we’ve been up to since we last met; we have a couple more drinks. After maybe half an hour I get up and go to the toilet.

When I come back, instead of sitting down opposite you I stand behind you and start massaging your shoulders, gently at first and then deeper and more forcefully. It feels really good and you squirm a little with pleasure; in fact you get so caught up in what I’m doing that you almost miss it when I tell you, softly, that I’ve booked us a room in a hotel down the road. When it registers you get an instant rush of arousal, a light feeling in your stomach, and suddenly you’re assailed by “should I? Shouldn’t I?” thoughts – thoughts that simply don’t make it outside your head as you feel yourself stand, take my hand and be led out of the bar.

As soon as we’re outside I start talking to you as filthily as you’ve ever heard about what I’m going to do to you when we get there: “I’m going to give you the fucking of your life,” I say. “As soon as that door closes I’m going to shove you over and fuck you with my big hard cock – no foreplay, just rammed straight into your cunt until I feel you trying to scream. I’m going to make you suck my cock while I fuck you with my fingers until I come buckets of hot spunk down your throat. I’m going to strap you down and fuck your arse until you cry and beg me to stop – and then I’ll keep fucking you until I’m done and make you suck my dick sparkling clean. I’m going to tie your legs apart and stick big dildos in your holes and fuck you with them so hard so fast that you come screeching within minutes – and then I’m going to fuck your mouth again and slap you while I do it until pulling out at the end and coming all over your gleaming red cheeks. I’m going to put you on your hands and knees, stick a big dildo on the wall and force your arse back on it until you feel like you’re splitting – and then I’m going to fuck your mouth yet again and choke you with my cock until you gag on it.”

By the time we’re a few metres down the road you’re wet; by the time we reach the hotel atrium you’re absolutely soaking and just about ready to lie down and let me have you on the street. Beneath that skirt you’re wearing tight silk panties and you can feel the moisture trapped against your skin and the delicious caress of the soft fabric against your cunt is just making things worse. You try to tell me to shut up because you’re getting too horny for the outside world but I cut you off with a smile that makes you go a little weak at the knees and pull you into the hotel and up the stairs. We’re both breathless as we get to the door; I pull the keycard out and let us in.

As soon as we’re inside I unleash myself on you. Slamming the door shut I shove you against the wall, grab your hands and hold them together over your head with one hand while ramming my mouth on yours and giving you a kiss that sends you giddy; with the other hand I tear at your skirt – grinning at the heat and the suggestion of moisture that greets my hand – and yank it down past your knees. You start to shuffle it off but I simply step over it between your legs and lift your legs up behind me so you’re being held against the wall – then with one violent shove I ram my cock all the way up inside you and stare into your eyes as you let out a piercing shriek at being penetrated so suddenly. You try to catch your breath but I’m suddenly pounding you with a force you didn’t think me capable of, ramming all my cock up into you and making you yell louder with every rapid shove. I let go of your hands and you wrap them behind my back, clinging on for dear life as I tear into you.

All the while, I’m speaking loud and clear into your ear, my hot breath one more outrageously erotic element: “You’re a slut,” I tell you, “a cheap slut who’s good for nothing but fucking… Well,” I continue, “you’re going to get your fill of cock tonight, and more. You’re going to be a spunk-soaked, quivering mess when I’m done.” Faster, harder I bang you, wrapping my hand in your hair and pulling your head back; the small change in your posture this produces means your clit is suddenly forced into my groin every time I pound you and that’s enough to tip you over – you can feel yourself start to come even though you don’t want to give in just yet.

And I can feel it too – and as I pound even harder and even faster into you I start demanding in your ear: “Tell me you want my spunk.”

“I want it,” you mumble, getting caught up in that great rolling rush.

“Tell me you’re a cheap slut and you want my spunk.”

“I’m a cheap slut and I want your spunk!”


“I’m a cheap slut and…”

“And fucking WHAT? LOUDER!” And suddenly you’re over the edge, coming so hard you can hardly handle it and shouting “I’m a cheap slut! I’m a cheap slut! I’m a cheap slut!” while I ram you and ram you and ram you until suddenly, when your eyes are screwed tight shut and your whole body’s shaking and your mouth is open silently screaming to the world just what a slut you are, I pull out of you and let you slide down the wall to the ground, holding your hair back, and shove my cock into your mouth, deep and hard, and your mouth is filled with the taste of your cuntjuice and then a great fountain of spunk gushes into your throat just as the last big wave of your orgasm rocks you – and then I pull out of your mouth and another huge jet of spunk sprays all over your face, and I press my cock against your cheeks, your nose, your lips before collapsing next to you on the floor in what is now a puddle of the juice you’ve just gushed all over us.

We stay like that for a while, a bit shell-shocked, soaking, sweating. After a bit I pull you to me and give you a long, slow kiss, enjoying the taste of your cunt and my cock in your mouth. Then I stand up, pull you up – your knees are VERY unsteady and you moan a little as your ravaged cuntlips rub against each other – slip your feet out of your skirt and take you into the bathroom. Gently I strip the rest of you, take off my own clothes and put you in the shower before washing you all over – not lingering anywhere in particular, just soaping and rinsing gently. We don’t say a word; every so often I lean over and kiss a breast, a nipple, a thigh, a cheek – but when you try to do the same I push you away firmly, making sure you know that I’m totally in charge, that you’re here for me to enjoy.

When you’re scrubbed I put you back out of the shower and dry you from head to toe; coming back up from your feet I stop and gently push your legs apart before – just for a couple of seconds – slipping my tongue between your lips and lapping at your cunt (which of course starts flooding with juice again). You whimper and push yourself down into my face – but I come up and meet your mouth with mine, again filling your mouth with your own deep, delicious musky taste: “Uh-uh,” I say, “not yet. You’ve got a lot of work to do before that. Anyway, I have a surprise for you.”

I lead you back out into the bedroom and tell you to stand still and close your eyes. Suddenly you feel a blindfold covering your eyes and being tied behind your head. I spin you round a few times until you don’t know which way you’re facing, and then out of nowhere you feel my fingers pushing your arsecheeks apart and sliding – covered in something extremely slippery – up to your arsehole. There’s a brief pause before I slip first the tip of a finger, then the whole finger, into your arse and you gasp and buckle a little at this invasion.

“Bend over,” I order you: bracing yourself a little for what you’re sure will be a quick, hard entry of my cock into your arse, you’re surprised when instead I give you something thicker, and shorter, than my dick, slipping it into you up to the hilt and making you yelp loud and wince… It’s a buttplug.

I whisper in your ear: “Sit down”. Unsteadily you bend your knees and sit: there’s a cushion beneath you and you realise I’ve brought a chair out into the middle of the room. The pressure on the flat base of the buttplug as you sit pushes it up further into you; you wriggle a little – it feels soooooooo good, not too big, not too small – and exhale hard.

“Put your hands behind the chair,” I say; you do so and swiftly I tie them together to the chair. “Open your legs,” I whisper; you do, and I pull them as far apart as they can go before tying your lower legs and ankles to the chair so you can’t close them. You feel extremely exposed and powerless (which of course turns you on even more) and racily excited about how wet you’re getting again so soon – you can feel it already beading and dripping down your half-open cunt over your perineum and around the base of the buttplug.

“Open your mouth,” I obey; again expecting my cock you’re again surprised when I gag you instead; “Don’t worry,” I say, “it’s only for a little while.” Then there’s silence, followed by a brief rustling – followed by a bolt of pain through your right nipple that quickly subsides into a throb, then intensifies just a touch as I tighten whatever I’ve put on there. You wince and squirm but I hold you firmly in place and do the same to your left nipple. It hurts, but not much, and after a few seconds the throbs become warming and increasingly pleasurable, and when you squirm again it’s because of the lovely rushes of nervous pleasure from nipples to groin and the nice tight feeling in your arse.

“Too tight?” I ask; you shake your head. “Everything ok?” You nod. “OK.” There’s silence; then you hear the clink of glasses and a bottle being opened. Then – giving you a nervous shock – there’s a knock on the door. “Perfect timing,” you hear me say; then footsteps over to the door which you realise is directly in front of you – and which then opens, and amazed you start trying to clench your legs together and squirm away to hide your nakedness – but of course you can’t, you’re bound too tightly – and –

“Come in, guys,” I say.

To read Part 2, click here 

Jack Longman originally wrote this for Aphrodisia magazine

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Story Teller

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The Surprise (Part 1)

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