P-Spot Aka the prostate, the male G-Spot, the fun zone

We’ve talked about it before but there is more information to be had here so I thought I’d post it. Be careful with the medical advice though as I wikipedia checked it and they disagree so have fun but do your own research – Anonymous blogger.

Now we found this great post by Becca Brewer (the links are at the bottom)

So the P-Spot. AKA the Prostate. AKA the Male G-Spot.

Now, before many of the men reading this run away because their first association with the prostate is either

A) Cancer (Although, Happy Movember!) OR
B) The vision of a doctor with his finger all up in an anus.

I’ma ask that you chill.

Take a deep breath.

Get away from that place.

And get ready for some info and mythbusting about the organ that is responsible for making semen that gooey texture. (Thanks Prostate!) Oh, and a spot that is so sexually sensitive that some guys can have orgasms from P-Spot play without ever having their penises touched. Just sayin’.

Great Sex Fundamental: The P-Spot is located on the top wall of the rectum, likes “come-hither” style stimulation, and can be stimulated indirectly through the perineum.

Aight, here we go. Myths and facts.

Myth #1:

Liking when someone plays with your p-spot is a direct sign that you’re gay.

Fact #1:

Actually, liking when someone plays with your p-spot could be a sign that you’re gay … if the person you prefer playing with your p-spot is another dude.

I don’t know how many of you know this, but being gay is about who you’re attracted to and who you want to sex up. Gayness is NOT about what parts of your body you like to sex up. Straight dudes, gay dudes, and prostate owners of all kinds can enjoy a little P-Spot action.

So, if you’re a dude who was thinking about having your lady friend sex up your P-Spot, but were hesitant because you were trippin’ about what that meant about your sexuality … you’re cool, man. So long as you’re looking for a woman to play with your P-Spot, the sexuality police aren’t going to take away your straight-guy card. I promise.

Myth #2:

Everybody’s P-Spot is in the same place.

Fact #2:

P-Spots are gonna have a ball park location, but each person’s P-Spot is going to be located in it’s own unique spot. Finding a P-Spot can take a little exploring.

But where is the ball park? The P-Spot is located about a finger length (convenient, right?) into the rectum, on the top wall (toward the penis), just past the pubic bone.

The P-Spot is going to be shaped like a walnut, and unlike the G-Spot, is always sticking out into the rectum. So, turned on or not, you should be able to find it.

Picture of 3 Walnuts.

That being said, being turned on before you apply that “come-hither” motion to the P-Spot might help out if you’re looking to maximize your P-Spot pleasure. You know, because of that whole redirected blood flow when you’re turned on thing.

Myth #3:

You have to stimulate the P-Spot internally.

Fact #3:

Not true! Although the most intense pleasure is going to come when you man-up and let someone put fingers or a toy in your butt, you can totally pleasure the P-Spot indirectly through the perineum.

The perineum is also known as the Taint, The Gootch, or the Grundle. AKA that area of the skin in between the balls and anus.

Not only is that area the root of the penis, but putting firm, upward pressure on that spot can indirectly stimulate the prostate. It’s like a double bonus pleasure spot!

In fact, if you’re thinking about P-Spot play, starting with a little through-the-taint action can be a good way to test the waters.

Now, if you’re down for internal stimulation, but don’t want to use fingers, you can opt for using toys! (And you thought toys were just for ladies. Psssh.)

There are toys designed for G-Spots that also work quite well for P-Spots (just make sure they have a flared base!) There are also toys (some designed by doctors [not even lying]) specifically for the purpose of massaging a prostate.

Myth #4:

Everybody should totally love P-Spot Play

Fact #4:

Some guys are going to try P-Spot play once, love it, and ask for it all the time. Some guys are going to need to try it a few times before they really start liking it. Some guys are going to try it once, or even a few times and decide that it isn’t for them.

Whichever guy you are, it’s all good. The honest truth is that there are a lot of taboos in this culture around letting someone pleasure your P-Spot. These taboos can definitely be rattling around in your brain while you’re experimenting with P-Spot play. For some, the taboos are going to win out over any pleasure there might be. There’s nothing wrong with you if this is the case. Because, let’s be honest, there are lots of other parts of your body you can play with!

Also, if you don’t enjoy P-Spot play, it could also just be because physiologically, P-Spot play isn’t your jam. Just like G-Spot play isn’t always every woman’s jam.

What I will say is, if P-Spot play is something that intrigues you and you’re not totally sold the first time, be persistent! Even if you’re not sure of what’s P-Spot blocking, a few rounds on the P-Spot play train might just be the solution.

One Last P-Spot Fact That Doesn’t Come With A Myth:
Engaging in regular P-Spot massage is good for you!

True story! Treating your P-Spot to a regular rubdown helps to flush the prostate and increase blood flow to your pelvic area. This can decrease impotence, provide some cancer prevention, AND can lead to some awesome orgasms. Also, if you’re already experiencing discomfort due to issues in your prostate, milking the prostate can provide relief from those symptoms. Some seriously life-improving stuff!

So, if you’re trying to get your partner to let you massage their P-Spot, I like the following line:

“Come on baby, I’m just trying to save your life!”

Jokes (sort of).

So, now that you know hellllllllllllla about the P-Spot, let me repeat this week’s fundamental:

Great Sex Fundamental: The P-Spot is located on the top wall of the rectum, likes “come-hither” style stimulation, and can be stimulated indirectly through the perineum.

Ready to get in there? Good!

Action Steps for Great Action

  • 1 Review Great Sex Fundamental

Because the P-Spot is in the rectum, all the anus/rectum rules are totally in play. In order to maximize your p-spot pleasure, following this fundamental is key!

  • 2 Play with your own P-Spot

Although most things feel better when someone else does it, playing with your own P-Spot first can help you get over any fears or anxiety you might have about what’s going to happen!

  • 3 Talk to your partner about P-Spot Play

Even though I only talked about how taboos can mess with someone who owns a P-Spot, those same taboos can make a potential P-Spot pleasurer turned-off toward P-Spot play as well.

Whether you’re looking to play with someone else’s P-Spot or have your P-Spot played with, sit your partner down (before you get all nekked and turned-on) and cover your bases. Talk about the following:

  1. Why you’re stoked off of P-Spot play.
  2. What you or your partner would prefer used to pleasure the P-Spot (toys, fingers, etc.)
  3. A game-plan in the case giving or getting P-Spot play just isn’t working.

Example: I really want you to pleasure my P-Spot because it’s a whole part of my body that we’ve never explored. I get really hard when I think about you pleasuring me in that way. I think to start, I’d like you to use fingers. You can use lubed up gloves if you want! And, in the case that it doesn’t work, I’ll just move your arm out of the way, and you can take some time to wash your hands and clean up. Depending on the situation, we can either snuggle up and chat about it OR just start doing other stuff!

Seriously. You never know what pleasure the P-Spot can bring unless you try. Be daring! Try it out!

Go Get Some!

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P-Spot Aka the prostate, the male G-Spot, the fun zone
Article Name
P-Spot Aka the prostate, the male G-Spot, the fun zone
Great Sex Fundamental: The P-Spot is located on the top wall of the rectum, likes “come-hither” style stimulation, and can be stimulated indirectly through the perineum.
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P-Spot Aka the prostate, the male G-Spot, the fun zone

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