So here’s the thing, it’s been three weeks since ‘the end’
I have a dilemma that I could do with out but am powerless to do anything about.

We met a while ago and there was an instant spark, we hit it off as friends and I found myself seeking out her company at the same gathering the following week.

The thing is she likes me and I like her, but how can I possibly analyse my feelings about her with so much else going on and so soon?

Firstly I can’t help making comparisons however so far this is not a bad thing.

She’s thoughtful
She’s considerate
She’s kind
She’s caring
Attributes that were sadly lacking in my ex.

I fancy her, we’ve already had some frank text conversations and flirtatious chats and those of you who know me from my blog will know that I have high expectations. So far I know she’s going to live up to those and I know that I have the desired affect upon her.

She’s family orientated, she has a strong network around her and this reflects who she is, we have shared interests, a shared level of intellect and humour all of which adds to and creates the attraction.

So what’s the dilemma? What do I do? If I go for it and it works out then fantastic, but what If it doesn’t? I hurt someone I think is great, I loose potentially an amazing friend not to mention the associated fall out…

What’s my problem? What if I can’t fall in love? Liking someone is one thing and affection grows on time but to be with someone long term you need love. Having so recently had my heart broken I’m not sure it even functions never mind has capacity to love another.

But and it’s a big but (hers is amazing in Lycra) i don’t want to do nothing. I smile when I get a text. When I think about her, which is often, I want to see her. When she’s with me I want to touch her, to kiss her, to make her cum for the first time together.

I also don’t want to miss the opportunity to have something amazing happen.

I’ve tripped around this for a while and the only way to ensure that it’s not an emotional crutch or rebound is to wait.

She’s my friend first and foremost and that’s how were going to play it. With so much already said that can’t be unsaid will this even work? I don’t know but it’s going to be fun hanging out and finding out.

I just hope nobody gets hurt.




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