In this book you will find 20 hot and steamy short stories about women that want other women. From sensual soft sinarios to rampant ravishing rendevouz- this book is a must read! Here is a sample story to ‘Whet’ your appetite.

Stick Garden by Sommer Marsden

‘What in the world is this?’ I couldn’t keep the laughter out of my voice even as Maddy frowned.
‘It will be a garden.’
‘What kind? A stick garden?’
 She stood, deep red hair the colour of Japanese maple leaves in autumn swaying with the movement.
‘No. Right now is the fall planting. There’ll be vines,vegetables, tomato bushes and corn come the summer
‘And on her farm she had some sticks…’ I teased,
singing in my best Southern accent.Maddy swatted my ass with her slender but fast hand
and I yelped. ‘Enough of that, Nina, or no reaping of the goods for you.’
‘But I live to reap,’ I said and winked.
I teased her all through dinner about the stakes she’d driven into that large bare patch o ut back. She’d driven
them down and tilled the soil and the whole thing was lit by marvellous moonlight by the time we went to bed.I fell asleep fast. We live out in the middle of nowhere.
A mile to the nearest house. There’s hardly any noise out there at all, especially in the fall when the tourists head back to the cities.She had the silk scarf knotted in the centre so the knot rested in my mouth like a ball gag. She tied it on me
before I was even really awake. ‘What are you doing?’ I

asked, but of course it was muffled and she had no idea what I was saying.
‘Come on then, Miss Smarty Pants,’ Maddy said in her
no-nonsense way. She rarely raised her voice or showed high emotion. It was all about how quiet Maddy got. The more upset she was, the softer
her voice. ‘We’ll show you the power of a garden.’
I fought but only for a second. I’d had nothing to do with bondage or submission or any of it before Maddy.But she saw something in me and the first time she told me to lay across her lap my world had changed. She marched me downstairs and I barely kept up with her in my tired stumbling steps.
‘You shouldn’t poke fun of things that will nourish you,’ she told me sternly. My neck flared with
goosebumps as my brain kicked into gear and I realised she was leading me out back. And I was naked.
‘You’ve got a quick tongue, but how about my hard work? How about the teasing? How about the food that
will feed you when harvest time comes?’
 I shook my head. I had no way to say I was sorry. I had no way to tell her I hadn’t realised how important it all
was. But I knew deep down that she was about to extract her apology from my body. She would make me pay. And then she would reward me for my courage.Two things happened simultaneously. My stomach buzzed with nervous energy and a hint of fear, and my pussy went wet and soft.
‘What you need is some perspective. Let’s take you out to the stick garden,’ she said, and I shook with the chill of the fall night.I put the brakes on and dug my heels into the soft earth. I could smell the dirt that she’d just turned and the moist scent of dew on greens. I could smell the autumn leaves beginning their breakdown cycle so everything smelt musky and rich. I dug my heels in and stared up at the fat white moon and shook my head. No.It was a mistake, I knew it. But her small hand so fucking small you’d never guess it powerful or wicked –
 landed on my ass and the crack reached my ears before the pain truly registered. But it did register and a searing heat lit up my right ass cheek like a flame was licking at my skin.
‘Did you just tell me no?’
 I blinked, tears prickling the inner edges of my eyes.My nipples stood out hard, cold and yet excited by thewhole scenario. Teased erect by air and intent and lust for this woman.I shook my head no again.
‘I didn’t think so.’ She prodded me with her knee to
the back of mine and I let her guide me dead centre into a white stain of moonlight. Maddy turned me and
whispered against my neck ‘Put your arms out, brat.’ She
kissed me hard even as my arms flew out to my sides in my obedience.
‘Good. That’s better.’
 With a leather thong she took from her pocket, she tied first one wrist and then the other. I stood spreadeagled in the garden, each arm bound to one of her stakes. Maddy stepped back to stare and I realised how unbelievably bright the moon was. It was like a small spotlight on our little scene.
‘What a pretty scarecrow,’ she whispered and stepped
forward to run her hand up the inside of one thigh before moving to the other. I shook as if I had a fever. I prayed
she’d touch me where I needed it most.
 I moved my hips just a bit, hoping against hope she wouldn’t notice.

Maddy laughed and my heart jumped. ‘Now did you think I wouldn’t pick up on that little twist of the hips,
Nina-pie? Bad, bad girl.
’ The swat to my ass landed and my back bowed briefly with the force of the blow. She was small, but she was a badass.I shook my head no again. Maddy had taken my power of speech. More than ever I was at her mercy, bound out here and gagged. No way to call for help, not that help was anywhere near our house on any given day. The thought of being under her small talented thumb made my cunt flex with anticipation. I shut my eyes and said a prayer for relief. A touch, a kiss, a stroke.Instead I got the sharp feel of a stick running the back
of my leg as Maddy paced around me. ‘You need to
realise out here in the garden, that under the sun the plant
will find warmth and light, and it will flourish.’
 Maddy ran her hand over my hair, stroking me like a cat. Petting me. I shut my eyes to soak in the sensation of her gentle touch. Her hand slid down my neck, brushing my shoulders with a lulling attention. I sighed against the knotted scarf, letting her touch me however she wanted.The point is that she was doing it at all.She traced the curve of my spine, ticking off each knob of bone until she hit my lower back and then palmed my bottom. I forced my body to be still. I forced my mind to stay unfocused and malleable. From behind, she slipped her finger into my pussy, even as her other hand guided the stick she held to scratch along my lower calf. The two sensations together confused my body
kept me off balance.Her hand fell away and I sighed, moving like a leaf in the wind. I tossed and turned gently in my bonds, hoping against hope for more contact. Maddy clucked her tongue as she came into view; she shook her head and said, ‘Try and behave, girl.’

 I shivered seeing the glint in her eye. I knew that look.I nodded; my only recourse.
‘When the rain comes,’ she sai
d, tracing the inside of my legs with that damn stick
a nod to my bratty
comment about her stick garden, ‘it will help the plant
stay …
 The stick hit the fragile skin at the top of my thigh. She gave it a good whack and the flesh let loose a spark of pain. But my pussy went wet all the same, a magical process. The sharp bite of pain and then the pleasure bleeding in right behind it. The first time Maddy had
spanked me, I’d laughed and cried simultaneously and
then had simply gone boneless when she fucked me toorgasm with her fingers.
Whack, whack, whack
went the stick and my heart lodged firmly in my throat as I tried so hard to breathe and not weep.
‘The plant will get sun and get water. The plant will grow.’
Whack .
‘The plant will twine around
these sticks, as you call
them, and the plant will thrive.’
‘The garden will not be a barren patch full of stakesand furrows and naked dirt. It will be green and lush.’
‘It will be sexy and abundant.’
Whack .
I found myself nodding with her lecture. Nodding like a mindless, desperate bobble head as she preached to me for putting down a garden she had clearly thought out,adored and worked to bring into reality. For us.
‘It’s for me and you, Nina, a gift to our home. A source
of nourishment. Something we’ll work together –
as a couple. The woman I love and hard work out in the sunshine.’

Whack ,
whack ,
whack … She alternated, hitting the top of one thigh and then the other, but never ever hitting my clit. Never ever stroking it or even smacking it.She left welts that I could feel riding the tops of my legs like ridges of heat along my skin.Maddy dropped the stick and my blood leapt. I tried to breathe but the adrenaline in my body was filling my veins, shutting down my logical thoughts. I trembled and the wind blew hard to lick at my naked illuminated skin.She ripped the scarf from my lips and stepped in closer, toe to toe, face to face, barely an inch between us.
‘Say you’re sorry.’
‘I’m sorry, baby. So sorry.’
‘Were you bad?’
‘I was bad.’
‘Will you work hard in our garden? The one I’ve wished for us since we bought this land?’
 I nodded, in my head demanding she kiss me, forgive
me, touch me. ‘I will. I will work hard with you. And thenI’ll cook our food and we’ll eat and we’ll can vegetables
and we’ll
…’ I trailed off, losing track of my own babble.
‘Tell me you love me,’ Maddy said, her dark eyes
darker in the moonlight. Her red hair nearly black in the silver air.
Oh that was easy. ‘I love you, I love you, baby.’
She nodded. ‘Good.’ Then
she pushed the knotted
scarf back past my lips and smiled. ‘To keep you quiet.’
 When she dropped to her knees I did weep, tears streaking hot lines down my cold face. Her mouth foundme, her lips pressed my pussy lips. Her scalding little tongue found my clit and she pressed hard with just the tip. Then with broad flat licks she brought me close, right
to the edge. Maddy stopped, laughing hard. ‘Not so fast,smartass.’ She held me still with her strong little hands. Her fingers tickled over the welts she’d

created. She pressed the fragile skin until I shimmered under her. I tried to pull away and she bit one welt just hard enough
that a rush of fluid slid from my pussy. ‘Does that hurt?’she asked, as if she didn’t know.
 I nodded, blips of pain firing off under my skin. She moved so that her hand slipped inside me. Fingers pressed deep into my cunt, curling in a come-hither gesture and my knees sagged. Cold and weak and tethered, I mumbled under the gag,
…Maddy took pity on me. Pressed her lips back to me,licking me in silverfish darts as her fingers delved deeper,nudged my G-spot and I sighed.
‘Come on now. Come for Mamma.’
 She nipped my clit and the waterfall of pain did me in.I came with a muffled cry that had her chuckling in thesterling moonlight.I gripped the stakes with a death grip until she pried me loose
finger by finger. She yanked the gag free.
‘Come on now. Let go so we can get inside.’
‘You’re going to get on your knees for me,’ she said.‘Finish making this up to me.’
‘Yes, ma’am.’
‘Such a good girl,’ she said and picked up her stick. Get the other 19 stories here…..http://youonlywetter.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=80_64&product_id=1020
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