Taking control

He likes to be in control. He likes to dominate and take the lead in our sex life. That doesn’t mean I just lay there not participating but I quite readily succumb. I like him being ‘master’ but sometimes, I want that control.

The dress I wore was sheer lace with patches of flowered sequins sewn on. It’s tight and just covers my arse,  clings to my body and accentuates all of my womanly curves. Nothing is left to the imagination and seeing me in it I could see the effect it was having.

His cock was growing infront of my eyes. I was liking this power. I pulled him close and we kissed. Slowly and passionately,  tongues having a fleeting touch before I pulled away.

He went to touch me but I wanted the control. “No touching” I say. He smirks and agrees. Smirking is not allowed.  This will require punishment. I push him onto the bed and straddle over him. I can feel his hardness against my wet pussy but that’s not going to happen…. not yet.

I start my teasing at the top. Kissing his cheeks, nibbling at his ears. Then kissing his neck. Working my way down his body, biting, licking and gently sucking. I reach his nipples which are so sensitive. I bite, hard, pulling at it with my teeth. I know it hurts but it’s pleasure at the same time. He moans and writhes under me.

I need him still, I take his hands and hold his wrists tight. He’s not a big man but I am a fairly slim female and I know he could easily overpower me but he won’t. He likes my bossy side. He’s liking this side of me he’s never seen.

I reach his cock. I can see it pulsing and the tip is wet with his pre cum. I slowly lick it off, swirling the tip in my mouth. Gently between my teeth, just the tip,  sucking and licking. He’s moaning with pleasure and wanting me to do more.

I hold his balls with one hand and use the other to run my finger from his arse to his balls,  just enough pressure that he lifts himself up. Then with one movement I deep throat him. Right to the base so I’m nearly gagging with the feel of him. He moans my name loudly.

With the pleasure still etched on his face I tell him to turn over. He’s now lying on his front as best as he can with his huge hard cock still throbbing.

Then I pick it up. The black,  leather paddle. I start my kissing again. Back at the top whilst running my fingertips gently over his back. He can feel how much this is exciting me as much as it is him. Then I spank him. One quick hard whack to his bum cheek. The moan is that same pleasure pain moan from before. I repeat it. Again on the same side, then the other. Alternating as I go. His cheeks start to redden so I bend my head and kiss them better.

My kiss moves as I gently pry his legs apart. Gently licking and kissing his cheeks then his arse. I add some lube and can feel his bum muscles tighten with fear of the unknown. I whisper in his ear. “I won’t hurt you baby. Trust me”

He relaxes as I continue to tease his arse. My finger tip just rubbing over the top. Then I slowly insert it. Not my finger but a small vibrator. Smooth and hard and designed exactly for this use. It pulses with gentle vibrations and I slowly insert the tip before pulling it back.  Each time I insert it a little further whilst kissing at his back.

He’s enjoying this and moaning and writhing more. I want him still so whilst still teasing his arse I smack him again.  The hard thwack reverberates as I see the redness instantly appear. Once, twice, each side being punished.

“Turn on your side” I say.  He does and I’m still fucking his arse gently when I use my other hand to play with his cock. Slowly up and down his shaft. He then has that look. I am so going to suffer for all of this.

I bend my head to kiss him and remove the vibrator. He grabs my shoulders and kisses me with an intensity like never before. “Now it’s my turn” he says. I can’t wait…..

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Taking control

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