Possess Me


1. Have as belonging to one; own: “I do not possess a television set”.
2. Have possession of as distinct from ownership.

own – hold

‘I want to possess you’

I’ve read this in books before but never thought someone would ever say it to me I thought it was just fiction or movie material!

Lying in bed with ‘sir’ last night after we had made slow gentle love we are making small talk and he says it ‘I want to possess you’ it takes me by surprise slightly but I like it and reply ‘oooooooo really’

Here’s why I was so surprised……..

When sir and I met it was in passing at work and I thought there was something about him but can’t put my finger on it but he seems like he would be filth in the bedroom (which I like and am a firm believer that a relationship or fling needs to consist of at least 70% sex) but thought nothing more I actually thought he was married with children, which someone quickly confirmed he was but now is single.

Few weeks later we attend a presentation along with colleagues and again I’m intrigued ‘what is it’ I ask myself but think no more, it’s not until some weeks later I feel a little flirt come on but ignore it thinking I’m imagining it, some weeks later a colleague mentions she wants to set me up and go for a drink I say yes, she emails him and he agrees.

I’m surprised as I would never expect I was his type I’m far to high maintenance, shallow and vacant! We get chatting and I soon find out due to his blatant honesty (which is another trait of his I love) that I wouldn’t normally be his type I’m too young with no children and a bit of an airhead dolly bird but still we get on well so see how we progress, he tells me he is very much happy with his life kids etc and doesn’t want to change a thing or live with anyone again I agree that’s fine, I’m not looking for anything serious and people normally get on my nerves to early, I’ve been single by choice for 2 yrs I’m really fussy plus I say people seem to fall in love with me far to quickly and once you’ve had me there is no going back.(I’m not arrogant at all it was merely a joking phrase)

We flirt by txt swap few pics, I place few pairs of dirty panties in his jacket pocket etc I think we are getting on well we are due to go on first official date then over a weekend I get the cold shoulder!! I think what is going on have I read the wrong signs was I imagining something that wasn’t there!!

I get some feeble excuse about work being an issue and decide to leave him to it, then I think will it be awkward at work etc anyway the next day we are out together and he says after getting into the car ‘I want to retract what I said yesterday I don’t care lets go for it’

Again I was surprised as my impression of him was very much a player likes to flirt and would never settle kind of guy but I decided I wanted some fun and he was definatly that, we decided to spend a weekend together of 2 nights but after he asked me to stay another which I agreed and on the journey home he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Shock! But I said yes and we have been going strong ever since and I can’t imagine him not being in my life now he is my rock and I want him to possess me!!

Just goes to show you can never judge someone.

B x


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Anonymous Blogger

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Possess Me

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