Looks like I forgot to post this yesterday! Funny how a mood can change in 24 hours this is how we we’re feeling yesterday Rough……

Busy day in the office so i needed to keep todays message short. after some fun last night I was inspired to write the following … You walk into the house expecting me to be there but it’s quiet you presume I’ve gone out. You walk into the bedroom and take off your dress, undo your bra and take down your panties. Naked apart from your knee high stockings you turn on the Stereo and start to dance around.

From behind you feel the air rush and here the wardrobe doors burst open. Within an instant it goes dark and you feel something tighten around your neck holding the hood in place.
The hood is a thin cotton and you can make out shapes through it but instantly your senses change and your breathing becomes hot and heavy.

A second after the hood covers your head you feel yourself plummeting forward and land on the bed, as you bounce your arms are grabbed roughly held behind your back and a belt is tightened around them.

You start to panic what if its not me.. Then you hear my voice say ” get on your fucking knees”

You relax a little but your still scared. You hesitate and feel the sting of what feels like wood across your arse checks. Quickly you assume the position.

You feel something being attached to your ankles first to the left then the right and realise your legs are being forced apart by something.
Suddenly your on your back and your legs are being pushed up high, the leather belt holding your hands digs into your back. You feel my hot breath on your pussy and then I’m licking your pussy and arse not gently but hard and fast in big strokes rubbing your clit and probing your pussy.

You scream as simultaneously you feel the sting of the ruler on your inner thigh and my cock drive deep and hard into you.n5045-pinwheel-500x500

Before you catch your breath I’m fucking you, pumping so fast you think I’m going to break you. I flip you back on to your knees and drag you onto my cock pushing as deep as I can go you beg me to stop.

Ignoring your request I pound you harder your knee feel week and you feel dizzy. My finger probes your arse and I know your about to cum.

As I feel you cum I shoot my load deep inside you and push my finger all the way in as we cum together
I role you onto your side and undo the belt and neck tie kissing you gently and saying I love you x

If you’re not into this kind of sex or want to try it but don’t know where to start my advice is get to know your partner, try lighter things first, you need to know if you go for this sort of thing whether he or she will enjoy it, how far to go and most importantly when to stop. You all know I’m an advocate of talking but in this instance you need to know your partner enough to be able to read the situation.

Start of slowly with a bit of tying or spanking maybe try a wartenberg pinwheel a riding crop or a ruler. There are ‘starter kits’ that will give you a feel for what you might like.



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Looks like I forgot to post this yesterday! Funny how a mood can change in 24 hours this is how we we're feeling yesterday......
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