Summer fruits

As its a sunny day I sent ‘her’ a little summer fantasy to finish off:-


We’re driving it’s a hot sunny morning and the roof is down. You’re siting in a summer dress, sandals and a hat with oversized sunglasses. A picnic basket sits on the back seat alongside a blanket and a bottle gently clinks against two champagne flutes.
I glance at you and your smile lights up your face. I grin in return marvelling at how beautiful you are and how the sun gives you freckles….
You know we are going for a picnic but you don’t know where. The green countryside whizzes past as we speed further away from suburbia. I’m wearing shorts and an open neck shirt, my flipflops slide around in your footwell as I drive barefooted, you see yourself reflected in my glasses as I glance at you and you smile at yourself knowing you look gorgeous.

After a while I slow the car turning into a track marked private property, the sound of the tires changes as we move from Tarmac to baked earth,
You turn and ask me ‘where we going?’
I kiss my forefinger and place it on your lips with a gentle shhh
We continue to drive a cloud of dust billowing behind us, soon we’re far from the road and far from civilisation. Eventually we come to a wooded area and I pull the car up. I get out lean in to the back I take hold of the picnic basket. I walk around and open your door. Again you ask me ‘where are we’?
‘You’ll see’
I lead you through the woods you carrying the bottle me the basket. We follow an overgrown path that doesn’t look as if its been followed by anyone but animals for sometime.
After several minutes the tree canopy opens up above us and we are in a small circular clearing. A circle of fallen trees abd branches creates a natural wall and inside you gasp as you notice a sea of wild flowers. Walking to the centre I unfurl the blanket and lay it down. The sun shines down on this natural gap and you look around to see we are totally surrounded by forest and isolated from any prying eyes.
‘Drink?’ I say opening the cork on the bottle.

You lay back and smile I stand up and pour some of the bubbles on to your dress..
‘What are you doing?’ You gasp
‘Oh dear lets get you out of those wet things’ I smirk
You see the glint in my eye and instantly know what I’m thinking. I pull my shirt over my head throwing it aside and drop to my knees. Leaning in kissing you as the hot sun beams down on my back. You kiss me back passionately pausing to take a mouthful of your drink then playfully squirting it on to my shorts
‘Oh dear now your wet’ you say pulling your dress over your head revealing what I’ve know since we left the house, that you’re not wearing underwear

I slide out of my shorts and underwear my cock standing proud casting a shadow on your stomach as the sunshines across it.

I push you down on to your back and lift your legs so your knees are bent. Leaning over you I kiss your face gently then work my way down planting kisses slowly and gently sucking on your neck. Shoulders, breasts just lingering long enough on each nipple then down across your belly. Just skirting the edges of your Pussy but not quite making contact, then moving past kissing your thighs….

I await her reply….

Story Teller

Story Teller

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Summer fruits

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