Breaking Through The Taboo Of Masturbation


The Taboo Of Masturbation

With the threat of hairy palms, going blind, wasting all of your semen, your clitoris going numb, becoming infertile and all other things that will cause bodily harm, it’s no wonder that many people today are still hesitant to masturbate. There is often much guilt that comes with self-loving from previous misconceptions or myths we learned growing up. If you haven’t heard it before, please let me be the one to tell you that masturbation is completely normal and OK! I’m giving you permission to explore your body and learn where and how you like to be touched. Still not convinced? Self-pleasuring is a safe sexual activity to engage in that has no risk of pregnancy or STD/STI transmission.

Masturbation is a fantastic way of relieving stress and sexual tension. Having trouble sleeping at night? Try masturbating before you fall asleep. With the release of the feel-good endorphins, you will be on your way to a lovely afterglow sleep in no time. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it either. Whatever works for you is awesome! Many people enjoy rubbing their genitals with their hands, against sheets, with pillows, or with sex toys. Pay attention to your body too. Some signs for sexual arousal are rapid breathing, increased heart rate, vaginal lubrication, and the appearance of pre-cum. You aren’t limited in touching your genitals either. Explore your entire body and see what feels nice.

Try adding a lubricant of your choice to help facilitate a more sensuous time. Set the mood. Create a sensual haven for yourself. Imagine you are creating a date for one. Turn on some music you like, lower the Masturbation1 lights, and turn off that cell phone! Make sure that you are relaxed and in a comfortable position free of distractions. You aren’t limited to the bedroom either. Many people find self-loving especially fun in the bathroom. Take a long hot shower or draw yourself a nice bath. Masturbation is also great for when you have sex with a partner. You can show your partner how and where you like to be touched. For men, it is beneficial because they can learn to recognize the “point of no return” with their orgasms. This can also help with premature ejaculation.

To really add a new level of connection with your partner, try engaging in mutual masturbation. This can be a very powerful and revealing activity because you are giving your partner a window into your private world. Masturbation2Although I said earlier that there is no right or wrong way to masturbate, I wanted to give a few tips on things to avoid. Men, do not put your penis in vacuum hoses or anything similar. The force of the vacuum could result in injury or an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

There are plenty of sex toys that offer a vacuum feel that are penis friendly. Ladies, please do not put any foods into your vagina. There is a delicate pH balance in there and the addition of substances, especially those containing sugars, can upset your internal environment and lead to yeast infections. Again, there are plenty of sex toys for you to use and explore with. If you are in a bind and MUST use food like a banana, please use it with a condom.

For more information on loving yourself I recommend these two awesome books

Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving – Betty Dodsom

Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation – Jamye Waxman

Whether you paddle the pink canoe or flog the log, polish the pearl or rub one out, or simply get off, masturbation is a perfectly natural and safe sex act that you can enjoy at all stages of your life. Keep up the self-love and when it comes to sex, everything is OK here.

Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

Well, my name is Jon the Owner of You Only Wetter a 37-year-old, Poly practicing, Dom with two great kids. I am a happy busy internet geek with a love of all things Google and I love spending time sitting on the sofa watching the latest Dr. Who, Mythbusters or a movie. I am a nudist mostly at home but do like to go down to the beach and bare all or go for a little walk around some hidden woodland really would like to do the whole nudist holiday :)

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Breaking Through The Taboo Of Masturbation

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