Lelo? Yes or No


I was questioning whether the high price of lelo toys was actually worth the money. I’m thinking of buying one to use with my girlfriend so I thought I’d check out some reviews.

These are the ones I’ve found so far :-

Review 1

I have 3 of their toys (Mona, Siri, and Gigi) I would say that 2 of the 3 were worth the money for me. I use my Mona and Siri several times a week and have done so for over a year. Gigi just didn’t hit the right spots for me though so it wasn’t worth the money to me.

Review 2

I have the Ina which is wonderful, but the arm applies so much pressure to the clitoris, so buyers beware. I plan on getting more Lelo toys soon because they really are such great quality.

Review 3

I don’t think anyone else offers a comparable warranty to Lelo, which says a lot about their confidence in their quality. I just wish they’d quit with the gold coloured plastic bits they’ve used in the Sense Motion and Insignia lines. It cheapens the toy. The plain white plastic from earlier lines was better, or they could even, Idunno, try a full silicone coating like all the other luxury toy makers?

That said, I love my Mia and Lily, and consider them both worth the money.

Review 4

Definitely worth the high price. I’ve gone through quite a few high end/high price brands. I like Lelos the best. They make you feel spoiled with the simplest details

These are the first 4 that came up so We’ll definitely be getting one and testing it.

I’m sure there must be some alternative opinions out there so let me know.

Of course the next question is which one!???

Pick one here !

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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Lelo? Yes or No

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