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Velvet library is a unique place where authors and readers can come together. Our idea is through this shared experience, readers Velvet librarygain access to material they really want to read and the opportunity to feedback directly to authors. Authors in turn have direct contact with their audience and can develop and tailor their work accordingly.

Whilst we do offer some printed material most of out content is available in a downloadable format, it will work with any reading or tablet device or can be downloaded straight to PC or Mac.
This means we can keep costs very low and also give new authors without a publishing deal the opportunity to reach an audience.

We want to encourage you try these authors so there will be free downloadable chapters and the chance to try new things. Remember your feedback will helps others to make their choices and you may even help us to discover the stars of tomorrow!


Our forums are there so you can interact with others, find new subjects you might want to explore and even have a go at writing yourself!


We wanted to provide a dedicated portal for erotica to save your readers having to scour numerous on line locations, we wanted to give new authors the same opportunities as published ones by making their material available to all.

We hope that Velvet Library does this but we want your feedback so please contact us on any subject at [email protected]

Publishers and published authors:-

To have your authors or work featured on Velvet Library please contact us [email protected]

Authors terms and conditions.

By providing your material to Velvet Library you agree that it is not protected by any copyright law preventing us from displaying and offering your material for sale.

By providing material you confirm that the material belongs to you and you hold the legal rights to use this material.

Velvet Library

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